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stodolni street in ostrava, czech republic

Shutter Love Sunday – Ostrava, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic   Sep 10, 2017    By

This picture perfectly represents the hedonism that is Stodolni Street, a five-block stretch of bars in the mostly forgettable Czech city of Ostrava. The sleaze was strong here, particularly with the crowd of rowdy men who celebrated later that night outside of this ‘Hell’ club. It reminded me of how someone would act as a […]


cathedral in orvieto, italy

8 Things To Admire About The Orvieto Cathedral

 history,Italy   Sep 7, 2017    By

My first question was – what in the name of the Lord is this ginormous church doing here? Orvieto is a small hilltop town north of Rome. It’s significantly more active than most small towns due to rampant tourism. Scores of day-trippers flock here to sample the Orvieto Classico wine, admire views from the hill, […]


medieval festival in rocca san felice, italy

Medieval Festival In Rocca San Felice, Italy

 festival,Italy   Aug 31, 2017    By

I’ve been to medieval events before. I watched the grandiose show at Medieval Times in Anaheim, and played the slots at the Excalibur hotel in Vegas. I even visited the Viking Festival in San Diego two years in a row, which had a strong medieval vibe. What all those experiences were missing was a legitimate […]


restaurant in ravello, italy

Ravello, Italy – Two Restaurants You MUST Visit

 food,Italy,restaurant   Aug 24, 2017    By

The Amalfi Coast sirens were singing, and I was finally listening. My lack of coastal excursions this summer is primarily for three reasons: 1) I don’t like crowds; 2) I’ve already experienced San Diego beaches and the ones in Europe are never as good; and 3) The Amalfi coastal drive is said to be frighteningly […]


superkilen in copenhagen, denmark

Shutter Love Sunday – Copenhagen, Denmark

 Copenhagen, Denmark   Aug 20, 2017    By

What you are seeing is a replica elephant slide from Pripyat, the now Ukrainian ghost town that residents evacuated decades ago due to Chernobyl. The original slide has appeared on a few lists showcasing the creepiest abandoned amusement parks in the world. Though left by humans, I read recently that the animal population in Pripyat […]


tractor museum on istrian coast

11 Things To Love About The Istrian Coast

 Croatia,road trip   Aug 18, 2017    By

I recently wrote about the hill towns of the Istrian Peninsula. That is the inland experience, but the coast has a different feel altogether. What struck me was how clean and pristine everything was, reminding me of posh resort towns in California frequented by Hollywood actors and executives. Flowers in bloom lined the streets, and […]


padova medical museum

7 Things I Learned At The Padova Medical Museum

 history,Italy   Aug 11, 2017    By

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” – Hippocrates I’m always learning. Not because I try to, maybe I just never learned that much to begin with, or didn’t maintain the knowledge. I pigeonholed myself into one niche of science, foregoing the others. Therefore when I watch science shows […]