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fountain in belgrade, serbia

Moving Pictures – Belgrade, Serbia

 Belgrade, Serbia   Mar 19, 2017    By

I was in Belgrade a couple summers ago, and managed to catch two videos of this street celebration. I thought the sax player did a great job keeping his cool with the crazy crowd all around him. Things got a bit sloppier when a small group of locals decided to jump in the nearby fountain and […]


cemetery in cluj, transylvania

8 Non-Dracula Things To Do In Transylvania

 destinations,Romania   Mar 16, 2017    By

Transylvania is a famous region in Romania. I visited the country years back for a business trip in Bucharest. People told me I probably wouldn’t like it, citing its gritty look and chaotic atmosphere, and maybe because of these low expectations I ended up really enjoying myself. I always said I’d go back, but to […]


azure window in gozo, malta

Shutter Love Sunday – Gozo Island, Malta

 Victoria, Malta,photography   Mar 12, 2017    By

The Azure Window, a famous rock formation loved by cliff divers and admired by tourists, is gone. Gozo’s famed attraction collapsed during massive storms last week, and this natural beauty was reclaimed by the sea. I remember this being one of the main reasons I took the ferry over from Malta, so I can’t help […]


brothel in pompeii, italy

Why the Pompeii Ruins are a Must See Attraction

 history,Italy   Mar 9, 2017    By

“You ask me to write you something about the death of my uncle…he perished in a devastation of the loveliest of lands.” This is a quote by Pliny the Younger, his uncle was Pliny the Elder…what amazingly simple names. He wrote two letters to his friend who was a historian, documenting the eruption of Mount […]


main square in sevilla, spain

Shutter Love Sunday – Sevilla, Spain

 Andalusia, Seville, Spain   Mar 5, 2017    By

I moved on from the traditional point-and-shoot camera in 2015, and quickly learned about the isolation feature where you could capture mostly black and white except for one color. Although this is a neat thing to play with, it typically creates a weird, unrealistic photo that gets quickly discarded. Not so with this picture I […]


sunset in anagni, italy

Why the Medieval Italian Town of Anagni is Worth Your Time

 destinations,Italy   Mar 2, 2017    By

Few attractions line the road from Naples to Rome. There is a palace here, an abbey over there, and then a series of nondescript towns that feed the ‘don’t visit anything south of Rome’ stereotype. I’m glad I didn’t fall for this, because then I wouldn’t have found Anagni. So…why visit Anagni? The papal history […]


in croatia!

My 10 Favorite Cities in Europe (for now)

 best of europe,destinations,top cities   Feb 25, 2017    By

What blog doesn’t have a “best of” list? I’ve split this up into more ‘known’ cities first, and then next week I will reveal my favorite ‘hidden gems‘. Just a reminder – this is a baseline assessment from my previous travels…with luck I still have many more European trips left to go, so the list […]