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music on charles bridge, prague, czech republic

Moving Pictures – Prague, Czech Republic

 Prague, Czech Republic,Music   Sep 17, 2017    By

Do you know the origins of the ‘one-man band’? I didn’t either. It turns out there isn’t much history to this phenomenon. Wikipedia only cites vague accounts of the one-man band appearing in Western Europe as early as the 13th century. I saw this once before years ago during a trip to Italy, however I […]


live jazz music in prague

Moving Pictures – Prague, Czech Republic

 Prague, Czech Republic,destinations   Jan 3, 2017    By

Prague is one of those amazing cities with so much to do, but all condensed into a very manageable area. I was talking with a friend last week, and told her that three days is plenty of time to see the main sights of Prague, and more. This estimate also depends on your nightlife goals, […]



Prague – Nice city, but not the best time…

Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic   May 10, 2014    By

Of course I was excited about Prague, I planned on doing a couple day trips from there, seeing a bit more of Czech Republic. Plans changed, however. First of all, the bed at my hostel was unbelievably uncomfortable, and the resulting back pain made me sluggish my first few days there so I didn’t do […]