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french restaurant in santa barbara, california

The Euro Food Scene in Santa Barbara

 destinations,food,photography   Aug 5, 2016    By

“To me, a critic is some loser who has no idea… someone with an opinion. We all have opinions. No offense, but what makes them dictate what is cool and what is not.” – What infamous person said that? You’ll have to read to the end for the big reveal! I decided to play food critic […]


exploring a cave in iceland

Moving Pictures – Myvatn, Iceland

 Myvatn, destinations,Iceland   Aug 2, 2016    By

There is so much to see in Iceland – waterfalls, volcanoes, puffins, horses, geysers…the list goes on. In an area near Lake Myvatn, my friends and I traversed down to a cave where the ‘hot springs’ were too hot…over 40 degrees Celsius so the government shut it down for bathing a few years back. It […]


joan of arc statue in reims, france

Yesteryear Europe, July – Rehabilitation of Joan

 Paris, Reims, France,wanderlust   Jul 28, 2016    By

Sometimes a city or region gets pigeonholed because of its name. Does anyone think of Pisa and not imagine their ridiculously leaning tower? Can you possibly visit Vatican City and not run into some pope-themed, tacky souvenir? That’s why my expectations for variety were low when I visited the champagne region of France. I thought […]


kissing students statue in tartu, estonia

Shutter Love Sunday – Tartu, Estonia

 Avinurme, Tallinn, Tartu, destinations,Estonia   Jul 24, 2016    By

This statue is the symbol of the city…and why not? The university crowd defines this town, which was shut down during communist rule and used as the site for a boring military base. Tartu is now a prospering hub for young minds, with the ‘kissing students’ signifying the youthful vibe of the city. I spent an […]


world music festival in fez, morocco

8 Memories From a Weekend in Morocco

 Fez, destinations,Morocco   Jul 22, 2016    By

As I struggled and sweat myself to sleep last night, I remembered that there were worse things than a heat wave in Southern California. In fact, I recalled my long weekend in Morocco during intense summer temperatures reaching triple digits. I booked the absolute worst hostel with no windows or other circulation, so every morning […]


santillana del mar, spain - a beautiful small town in Europe

7 Charming Small Towns in Europe You Must Visit

 best of europe,destinations,eurotrip   Jul 14, 2016    By

I’ve always been fascinated with small towns. I even had an idea years back of writing a coffee-table book about small towns in the US, documenting things like local legends, quirks the town is known for, stories from the neighborhood pub, and even the personal drama of the townspeople. Oftentimes visiting a big city is […]


main square in gdansk, poland

6 Cheap AND Nice Cities in Europe

 best of europe,budget travel,destinations,eurotrip   Jul 7, 2016    By

I’ve been posting a lot on Quora lately, the social media forum that acts as a question/answer repository for any topic you can think of. Frequently, prospective travelers are trying to save money, particularly in expensive regions like Europe. I thought I’d address this by suggesting value cities that meet two key criterion – cheap […]