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Berlin – Grim, Gray and Gritty

Germany Berlin, Germany   Feb 19, 2015    By

So why Christmas in Berlin? I wanted to go somewhere, but many cities in Europe obviously grind to a halt over Christmas. One of my friends told me he spent Christmas day in Finland a couple years back, and the only restaurant open was a kebab stand. I did some research and found that Berlin […]



Cologne – Jazz, Beer and Chocolate!

Germany Cologne, Germany   Sep 13, 2013    By

I have a big work trip coming up that I needed to prepare for, so my trip to Cologne, Germany came at an inconvenient time…but I’d already bought the train tickets so I decided to go anyway and try and enjoy myself. I found it’s easy to enjoy yourself in Cologne, a very nice city […]



Munich – champions of Europe!

Germany Munich, Germany   Jul 4, 2013    By

I was excited to have a work trip to Munich. It’s actually not that easy to get to from Belgium. You have either a 9 hour drive, or an expensive train/plane ride. None of the budget airlines fly there, so I’m glad I had this opportunity. I flew in wearing my Bayern-Munich jersey, nice they […]



Marx and the Black Gate

Germany Trier, Germany   Mar 22, 2013    By

I drove from Landstuhl to Trier, without much problem. Trier is in the Mosul valley, home of Riesling wine. This was the first wine I ever liked, so I’m curious to try the local stuff. As usual with me I checked into the hotel, then immediately did a run through town to get the lay […]



Germany for work

Germany Germany,Landstuhl   Mar 20, 2013    By

So I did it, I made the 4 hour drive to Landstuhl, Germany. The last time I drove this far was 2004, when I drove from San Diego to Santa Maria. The drive was ok, though I admit I was going too slow in Germany on the autobahn, I think even a big-rig passed me! […]