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padova medical museum

7 Things I Learned At The Padova Medical Museum

 history,Italy   Aug 11, 2017    By

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” – Hippocrates I’m always learning. Not because I try to, maybe I just never learned that much to begin with, or didn’t maintain the knowledge. I pigeonholed myself into one niche of science, foregoing the others. Therefore when I watch science shows […]


brothel in pompeii, italy

Why the Pompeii Ruins are a Must See Attraction

 history,Italy   Mar 9, 2017    By

“You ask me to write you something about the death of my uncle…he perished in a devastation of the loveliest of lands.” This is a quote by Pliny the Younger, his uncle was Pliny the Elder…what amazingly simple names. He wrote two letters to his friend who was a historian, documenting the eruption of Mount […]


john lennon wall in prague

Yesteryear Europe, December – Remembering Lennon

 Liverpool, history,United Kingdom   Dec 2, 2016    By

Mark David Chapman…what a dick. He got into some cool music early on in life, before discovering extremist religion which led him to turn on his musical heroes. His ‘hit list’ didn’t just include John Lennon, but also David Bowie. I guess Lennon angered him more with the quote about the Beatles being ‘more popular […]


statue of liberty painting in colmar, france

5 Thoughts on the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

 history   Nov 18, 2016    By

The plane took off for Italy in the midst of the U.S. presidential election, thus robbing me of a chance to see this political drama unfold. Major news outlets anxiously followed vote counts from the exciting, battleground states while I was in the air. My apologies to the less exciting states like Georgia and Alabama, […]


world war two monument in washington dc

Shutter Love Sunday – Washington, DC

 destinations,history   Nov 13, 2016    By

This comes from the World War II monument in Washington, DC. I’m not the biggest DC fan, but shots like this coupled with a few hours at the Holocaust museum makes for a very emotionally moving day. This is one of my favorite views from our nation’s capital, as it also incorporates the majestic Washington […]


lithuanian room at cathedral of learning in pittsburgh

Memories of Pittsburgh – Cathedral of Learning

 european,history,wanderlust   Nov 8, 2016    By

I remember the first time I walked into the Cathedral of Learning, the towering symbol of the University of Pittsburgh. I was not well traveled at that point in life, and the previous schools I’d attended had nothing but two-story, mundane buildings. Imagine my shock entering this Gothic architectural dream, and also the second largest […]


anne frank

Yesteryear Europe, September – Anne Frank Endures

 history   Sep 30, 2016    By

Anne Frank was an accomplished author, and a survivor of the Nazi onslaught of her homeland. She endured to inspire millions with her words, and to expose the horrors of fascism. For decades she made the rounds speaking at universities all over the world, reminding a new generation of young adults that their ideals and […]