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great view in gesualdo, italy

Carlo Gesualdo – The Mad Musician of Italy

 destinations,Italy   Mar 23, 2017    By

“I die, alas, in my suffering, And she who could give me life, Alas, kills me and will not help me. O sorrowful fate, She who could give me life, Alas, gives me death.” -Moro, lasso, al mio duolo (1613) Those words of Carlo Gesualdo are ironic when considering his personal story. He came from […]


brothel in pompeii, italy

Why the Pompeii Ruins are a Must See Attraction

 history,Italy   Mar 9, 2017    By

“You ask me to write you something about the death of my uncle…he perished in a devastation of the loveliest of lands.” This is a quote by Pliny the Younger, his uncle was Pliny the Elder…what amazingly simple names. He wrote two letters to his friend who was a historian, documenting the eruption of Mount […]


sunset in anagni, italy

Why the Medieval Italian Town of Anagni is Worth Your Time

 destinations,Italy   Mar 2, 2017    By

Few attractions line the road from Naples to Rome. There is a palace here, an abbey over there, and then a series of nondescript towns that feed the ‘don’t visit anything south of Rome’ stereotype. I’m glad I didn’t fall for this, because then I wouldn’t have found Anagni. So…why visit Anagni? The papal history […]


poland room at cathedral of learning in pittsburgh

Celebrate the New Year in Ferrara, Italy

 destinations,Italy   Feb 22, 2017    By

Fireworks have never been my favorite thing. In fact, the words disappointment and anxiety best sum up my emotions on the subject. I left Barcelona unimpressed by their famous New Years show, which wasn’t all that different from the less hyped version I saw in Estonia the following year. More memorable are the large number […]


beautiful view from montefusco, italy

Shutter Love Sunday – Montefusco, Italy

 Italy,photography   Feb 19, 2017    By

Small towns have always been a curiosity of mine, and since starting my travel blogging adventure I often have targeted them for weekend trips over larger cities. They are smaller in size but no less rich in culture. Yes, there are fewer attractions and less restaurant options, but you learn a more focused history of […]


driving in italy

11 Thoughts About Driving in Italy

 destinations,Italy   Feb 15, 2017    By

I moved to Italy in early November, and struggled through a mundane first month with no driving options to go anywhere. Then, in mid-December, my car arrived, and I quickly did the paperwork to get my Italian license plates. I gazed upon the beauty of my well-aged Toyota and realized…I’m now an Italian driver. Then […]


cat sanctuary in rome

5 Off-Beat Attractions In Rome

 Rome, Italy   Feb 1, 2017    By

When you think of Rome, you think ruins and religion. Most visitors stick to the standard list of attractions on their first trip to Rome, but what about the second or third? People can remain on the beaten path, and risk the typical sights losing their shine. If you experience certain symptoms – e.g. cursing […]