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art exhibit in florence, italy

Shutter Love Sunday – Florence, Italy

 Florence, Italy,photography   Jun 25, 2017    By

There was a ‘woman power’ exhibit recently at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, which featured works by the late Austrian artist Maria Lassnig. Her paintings were variations on self-portraits, often visually expressing an uncomfortable feeling or emotion. Later in her career she became known when she delved into the body issue debate, as she began […]


dogs on dalmatian coast, croatia

Shutter Love Sunday – Omis, Croatia

 Croatia,photography   Apr 9, 2017    By

I must be excited about my upcoming Croatia trip if I’m going through pictures from two years ago. Around Easter 2015 we did a road trip along the Dalmatian coast from Dubrovnik to Zadar. I took this picture at a beach in Omis, as proof that even the dogs are friendly in Croatia. In May […]


azure window in gozo, malta

Shutter Love Sunday – Gozo Island, Malta

 Victoria, Malta,photography   Mar 12, 2017    By

The Azure Window, a famous rock formation loved by cliff divers and admired by tourists, is gone. Gozo’s famed attraction collapsed during massive storms last week, and this natural beauty was reclaimed by the sea. I remember this being one of the main reasons I took the ferry over from Malta, so I can’t help […]


beautiful view from montefusco, italy

Shutter Love Sunday – Montefusco, Italy

 Italy,photography   Feb 19, 2017    By

Small towns have always been a curiosity of mine, and since starting my travel blogging adventure I often have targeted them for weekend trips over larger cities. They are smaller in size but no less rich in culture. Yes, there are fewer attractions and less restaurant options, but you learn a more focused history of […]


tower of babel painting in vienna, austria

Shutter Love Sunday – Vienna, Austria

 Vienna, Austria,photography   Jan 15, 2017    By

There are three known paintings of the ‘Tower of Babel’, by the Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel. The first one was lost in Rome, and the other two reside in Holland and Austria. The one pictured below comes from the Kunsthistorisches museum in Vienna. The painting depicts man’s quest for a building that reaches to heaven, […]


view of quadrelle, italy

Shutter Love Sunday – Quadrelle, Italy

 Italy,photography   Jan 8, 2017    By

This is a dusk view from my new house in Quadrelle. Snow on the ground, mountains in the distance…quite different from my previous beach residence in San Diego. The house is warm and I have hot water, so I’m settling in nicely. I chose village life over the big city, as the streets and air […]


last supper in sorrento, italy

Shutter Love Sunday – Sorrento, Italy

 Italy,photography   Jan 1, 2017    By

‘The Last Supper’, painted by Da Vinci in the late 15th century, is one of the most famous pieces of artwork in world history. You need to visit Milan to see the real thing, but other depictions exist throughout Europe. The one shown below is the stained-glass version, found at the main Cathedral in Sorrento, […]