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12 Traveler Personalities – Which Are You?

 travel advice,wanderlust   Oct 20, 2017    By

Most of my excursions have been solo travel, but over the years I’ve had the privilege of wandering with some great people. Different people mean different personalities, and some are compatible, others not. I’ve listed the various personalities I’ve dealt with. These categories aren’t mutually exclusive, as one can relate with many. So…where do you […]


christmas markets in europe

3 Great Christmas Trip Ideas In Europe

 Christmas,eurotrip,travel advice   Oct 12, 2017    By

As we creep into October, people are starting to plan Christmas weekends in Europe. For many locations you need to plan ahead, as Christmas markets are a big thing around these parts and hotels can fill up fast. I consider myself somewhat of a Christmas market expert, having visited around 25 of them over the […]


beer spa in olomouc, czech republic

24 Hours In Olomouc, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic,travel advice   Sep 28, 2017    By

Olomouc is missing the shiny object that sucks in the tourist mobs…is that a bad thing? Side trips from a major city are one of my favorite pastimes. For that reason I typically plan an extra day or two on holiday to explore outside the metropolitan area. Sometimes a place worth visiting never makes the […]


znojmo underground in czech republic

5 Things To Do In Czech Wine Country

 Czech Republic,travel advice   Sep 21, 2017    By

I’m still searching for that undiscovered wine country. Many hidden gems emerged over the years to challenge the dominance of French and Italian wine. Spain’s Rioja region exploded onto the scene, vino from Australia and South Africa gained a cult following, and Croatia became recognized for the Zinfandel-like Plavac Mali grape. When I think of […]


karlovy vary in czech republic

9 Weird Things About Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic,travel advice   Sep 14, 2017    By

In the 1800’s there were roving fly-by-night circuses that swept into towns suckering people out of money. To save on business costs they often had a meager and poorly trained group of animals with them. Some of the beasts were taught only a single trick to perform. This was the origin of the phrase ‘one […]


independence day on united airlines

United Airlines Film Festival

 travel advice,wanderlust   Feb 7, 2017    By

It was too soon…moving back to Europe for not even a month before learning I’d be traveling back to the U.S. I spent the last week in San Antonio, Texas taking a military course in hospital management. I must be getting more comfortable with these long, ocean-crossing flights, as instead of fighting for sleep I […]


bathing at hot springs in sao miguel, azores

11 Things to Know When Visiting the Azores

 Azores,Portugal,travel advice,wanderlust   Nov 30, 2016    By

Before my trip, the Azores islands were a mystery to me. This collection of nine volcanic islands sits in the center of the Atlantic, allowing for convenient direct flights from Boston, not coincidentally the site of the largest Azorean population in the U.S. I’d do searches online and find nothing specific regarding proposed itineraries, or […]