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independence day on united airlines

United Airlines Film Festival

 travel advice,wanderlust   Feb 7, 2017    By

It was too soon…moving back to Europe for not even a month before learning I’d be traveling back to the U.S. I spent the last week in San Antonio, Texas taking a military course in hospital management. I must be getting more comfortable with these long, ocean-crossing flights, as instead of fighting for sleep I […]


bathing at hot springs in sao miguel, azores

11 Things to Know When Visiting the Azores

 Azores,Portugal,travel advice,wanderlust   Nov 30, 2016    By

Before my trip, the Azores islands were a mystery to me. This collection of nine volcanic islands sits in the center of the Atlantic, allowing for convenient direct flights from Boston, not coincidentally the site of the largest Azorean population in the U.S. I’d do searches online and find nothing specific regarding proposed itineraries, or […]


goofing around in ireland

5 Things I Miss About Travel…and 5 I Don’t!

 destinations,eurotrip,travel advice   May 19, 2016    By

The top travel blogger out there is unarguably Matthew Kepnes of ‘Nomadic Matt’ fame, and I recently read an article on his site that he’s taking a break from travel. Some people choose to take a break, and some have it forced upon them…mine was the latter. My ‘freedom to travel’ moratorium is going on […]


ghent street art

Travel Smart – What’s in my Backpack?

 packing list,travel advice   Mar 17, 2016    By

As I stuffed my backpack for a recent Spain trip I was reminded of how ritualistic travel became for me. In regards to deciding what to bring, I developed a routine array of items that made the logistics of most trips second-nature. I thought I’d share my ‘don’t leave home without it’ list below. Of […]