15 Examples of Amazing European Street Art

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I was inspired for this article by a fellow travel blogger, who recently posted some great street art from Miami. Back in college I had a roommate who was a graffiti artist, so I fell in love with this style early on. I’ve identified what I consider to be the finest examples of European street art that I was lucky to see for myself…here they are, in no particular order.

1. Madrid, Spain – I talked my friends into coming back into this alley during the daytime to photograph this piece. It’s probably not the nicest alley in Madrid…quite frankly it was a bit scary, but I loved the art.

street art in madrid, spain

2. Lisbon, Portugal – Like most of the artwork I’m posting here, I’m not sure what this represents. However, I thought it was a cool mural showing a robot with a woman.

street art in lisbon, portugal

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands – There were so many choices from here, but I selected this one due to the artsy depiction of breasts.

street art in amsterdam, netherlands

4. Ghent, Belgium – There is a street in Ghent that is loaded with graffiti art…so that made it hard to choose. I’m a comic book fan, so I picked the good and evil superman mural…I love this!

street art in ghent, belgium

5. Basel, Switzerland – There is beauty in simplicity, as is the case of this skate-park in Basel, right outside my YMCA hostel.

street art in basel, switzerland

6. Porto, Portugal – I’m not sure who this is, or what it represents…but I liked it.

street art in porto, portugal

7. Keflavik, Iceland – The land of fire and ice, with so many things to see…who would’ve thought street art would be a thing here?

street art in keflavik, iceland

8. Krakow, Poland – I loved this mural…I think it was a statement about the pope, as the famous John Paul II was from Poland.

street art in krakow, poland

9. Tartu, Estonia – I love dragons, so I loved this work of art…well, I think it’s a dragon.

street art in tartu, estonia

10. Barcelona, Spain – Full disclosure…this isn’t technically in the street, but inside a cool dive bar called ‘Nevermind‘. So why did I post this? Because it’s Chewbacca…holding roses…and a six pack of beer…need I say more?

street art in barcelona, spain

11. Berlin, Germany – I remember having a bad day in Berlin when I came across this…all the hearts seemed to brighten my mood!

street art in berlin, germany

12. Riga, Latvia – I turned the corner as I walked the streets of Riga, and I saw this beautiful depiction of Romeo and Juliet.

street art in riga, latvia

13. Prague, Czech Republic – No surprise that a Beatles fan likes the ‘Lennon Wall’. I especially like how the wall is constantly evolving. When I was there they had a section dedicated to the victims of the Boston marathon bombing.

street art in prague, czech republic

14. Thessaloniki, Greece – I saw this artwork as I walked out of a wedding…I hope this wasn’t a harbinger of what the new husband can expect!

street art in thessaloniki, greece

15. Tirana, Albania – I didn’t much like the city, but this artwork nearby my hotel was beautifully romantic.

street art in tirana, albania


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  1. Kelli Moore Says:

    Beautiful. You have a knack for sharing your passion for travel, for life. You definitely make me want to experience all this, to go on great explorations and adventures.

    Thank you for brightening my day.

  2. jagabond Says:

    Thank you, I’m glad I could help!

  3. Joella Says:

    It is interesting to see the amazing street art across the world – these are excellent examples. How lucky that you have been able to experience this. Thank you so much for sharing with us as it gives us the opportunity to experience some of it from a distance.

  4. jagabond Says:

    Thank you for the initial inspiration!

  5. Joella Says:

    When we write we put ourselves out there in the hope that our thoughts, views, experiences will be meaningful to someone. That we are able to give a gift through our words and to maybe touch and inspire someone. I am incredible moved that my article was able to inspire you. Thank you for your support in reading it, it truly means the world to me. And please know that you inspire me daily with your posts, not only to visit new locations but to keep on writing.

  6. jagabond Says:

    I’m happy we can inspire each other 🙂

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