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Euro 2016 – The Elite Eight!

 best of europe,eurotrip,football   Jun 28, 2016    By

Euro 2016 is in the home stretch! I remember I was a huge sports nut as a kid. In 6th grade one of our assignments was to keep a daily journal, and every single day my entry was about the previous night of sports…what happened, who won, amazing plays, etc. My teacher commented that I […]


Yesteryear Europe, May – Chelsea and Drogba Shock Germany

 eurotrip,football   May 24, 2016    By

Okay…I know what’s coming – “Oh my, did he really just post an article about soccer?” Hear me out, as it’s hard to love Europe without at least appreciating their most popular sport…and the most popular sport in the world. In May 2012, I began my journey into liking soccer, as I watched Chelsea surprisingly […]