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Italy Florence, Italy   Mar 22, 2014    By

I expected this to be the highlight of my current trip. This was my second time in Florence, and it was as beautiful as I remember. I picked a nice hostel, only a 10 minute walk from the train station, and about 10 minutes walk to all the main sights. The only thing I didn’t […]


Her name is Lucca…

Italy Lucca, Italy   Mar 19, 2014    By

..and she’s a very lovely city. Lucca was only a 20 minute train ride from Pisa, though I nearly bailed on the trip after the Italian train was over an hour late…Italian trains are cheap, but they seem to never be on time. I’m glad I stuck it out, as Lucca was a very pleasant […]


Fear of heights and the leaning tower of Pisa!

Italy Pisa, Italy   Mar 17, 2014    By

In defense of Pisa I don’t think the city has claimed to be anything more than its main tourist attraction. I came to Pisa due to the cheap budget air flight…$100 round trip from Belgium…using it as a hub to see some other places in Tuscany. I flew in late on a Thursday, checked into […]


Shroud of Turin?

Italy Turin, Italy   May 26, 2013    By

On my way back from Como I decided to spend around 6 hours in Turin. It’s a rather large city, so after enjoying pizza and beer I picked one main attraction I wanted to see – The Shroud of Turin museum. There was no chance of seeing the shroud, as it’s only out for viewing […]


Searching for Clooney…

 Como, Italy   May 26, 2013    By

…okay, not really. Although he does own a home here, so maybe I’ll run into him at a pizza shop. I was originally planning on a 4 day trip to Turin, but after I booked the tickets I was advised that Como was only a short trip from Turin via train and was much nicer…glad […]