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Moving Pictures – Cinque Terre, Italy

 Monterosso, Vernazza, Italy   Jun 23, 2017    By

Translating to ‘Five Lands’, the Cinque Terre offers breathtaking coastal views and a mildly challenging hiking trail that connects five quaint, Italian towns. The first part of the Monterosso–Vernazza hike is the most frustrating, as the uphill trudging will have your glutes screaming. That’s where a saxophonist decided to place himself, allowing the hikers a […]


Moving Pictures – Monterosso, Italy

 Monterosso, Vernazza, destinations   Mar 22, 2016    By

I remember taking a break-dancing class as a kid in the early 80s…I was terrible at the backspin! Back in college I played bass guitar in a hip-hop band. We had the works – DJ, multiple MC’s, wildstyle graffiti artist…and break-dance specialists. Little did I know that my trip to Cinque Terre in Italy would […]


Vernazza – Stairway to Heaven

Italy Vernazza, Italy   Jul 20, 2014    By

My first full day in Cinque Terre I set out on the Monterosso-Vernazza hike, widely reported as the toughest hike here. Its starting point was only a 10 minute walk from my B&B, so I slept in a bit and started right before the hottest part of the day…bad idea for a guy who sweats […]