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5 Things To Do In Czech Wine Country

 Czech Republic,Travel Advice   Sep 21, 2017   By

I’m still searching for that undiscovered wine country. Many hidden gems emerged over the years to challenge the dominance of French and Italian wine. Spain’s [...]


9 Weird Things About Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic,Travel Advice   Sep 14, 2017   By

In the 1800’s there were roving fly-by-night circuses that swept into towns suckering people out of money. To save on business costs they often had [...]


United Airlines Film Festival

 Travel Advice,wanderlust   Feb 7, 2017   By

It was too soon…moving back to Europe for not even a month before learning I’d be traveling back to the U.S. I spent the last [...]


11 Things to Know When Visiting the Azores

 Azores,Portugal,Travel Advice,wanderlust   Nov 30, 2016   By

Before my trip, the Azores islands were a mystery to me. This collection of nine volcanic islands sits in the center of the Atlantic, allowing [...]


5 Things I Miss About Travel…and 5 I Don’t!

 destinations,eurotrip,Travel Advice   May 19, 2016   By

The top travel blogger out there is unarguably Matthew Kepnes of ‘Nomadic Matt’ fame, and I recently read an article on his site that he’s [...]


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Hidden Gems of Europe

 best of europe,destinations,eurotrip,Italy,Travel Advice   Mar 8, 2016   By

So what makes a ‘hidden gem’? I figure it’s a location off the radar from people’s tourist lists, maybe a city in a country that [...]


Travel Smart – What’s in my Backpack?

 packing list,Travel Advice   Mar 17, 2016   By

As I stuffed my backpack for a recent Spain trip I was reminded of how ritualistic travel became for me. In regards to deciding what [...]