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London…it’s Elementary!

United Kingdom London, United Kingdom   Jul 4, 2016    By

“You have to go to London!” “Why?” “Because you do! How can you be in Europe for over two years and not go to London?” “I like smaller cities I guess….” “Isn’t it just a two hour train ride away?” “Well yes, but….” “You’re stupid if you don’t go!” Okay, I give up…I went to […]


Yesteryear Europe, June – Churchill and the Finest Hour

 London, United Kingdom   Jun 30, 2016    By

Those who know me realize I wasn’t super excited about my London trip last year. I enjoyed it, but it was what I thought it would be…big city feel…like a European New York. The only two solid items on my ‘to do’ list – 1) Visit Baker street of Sherlock Holmes fame; and 2) Get my […]


Yesteryear Europe, March – Dickens

 London, history,wanderlust   Mar 24, 2016    By

Few would argue that Charles Dickens is one of the best writers of the 19th century. Mostly known for ‘A Christmas Carol’, that novella spawned a multitude of depictions in other media. The most popular of my generation is probably the Bill Murray movie ‘Scrooged’, but I’m more partial to the George C. Scott rendition […]