Segovia – The Power of Three

 destinations,Spain,top cities   May 12, 2016    By

Why did I love Segovia? Maybe it’s as simple as the number ‘3’. I’m practically OCD with this number…three days running each week, three days diet, three days the Subway breakfast sandwich, three days Thai food…I could go on. Segovia is the perfect day trip, as you can see three amazing sights all within a […]


San Marino – The Three Towers

San Marino San Marino, San Marino   May 9, 2016    By

There’s something I like about small countries. After already visiting Vatican City, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Malta, my San Marino trip wrapped up my tour of the 5 smallest countries in Europe. For those with a car, the trip here is easier. For me, I took a train to Rimini, a somewhat sleazy beach resort town […]


Belgrade – After the Floods

Serbia Belgrade, Serbia   May 2, 2016    By

I went on a work trip to Serbia. I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen since the region had their worst flooding in 300 years. We found out a few weeks before that all systems were go, so off I was to Belgrade! Over the course of my time here I was struck […]


Getting Medieval in Santillana Del Mar

 Spain,top cities,wanderlust   Apr 28, 2016    By

I’ve never quite seen a medieval village like this. Last weekend I saw a movie, ‘The Huntsman – Winter’s War’, and there was a scene where the main character, flanked by two dwarves, entered a medieval pub. After being served three drafts in wooden mugs from a standing barrel of some malt beverage, they proceeded […]


San Sebastian – ‘Basqueing’ in the Mediocrity

 destinations,Spain,wanderlust   Apr 21, 2016    By

I was excited about San Sebastian, which marked the halfway point of our road trip. I was worried the two nights I booked wouldn’t be enough…little did I know I’d end up thinking it was too much. I didn’t know much about the Basque region of Spain, other than they have their own language, and […]


A Fairytale Castle in a Sleeping Beauty Town

 Spain,wanderlust   Apr 14, 2016    By

“I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal, and containing many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions.” – Saint Teresa of Avila, Spain Who doesn’t love castles? Well…me, though I do like them, and every now and then I see a […]


Laguardia, Spain – Off the Grid

 Spain,wanderlust   Apr 7, 2016    By

We got the longest leg of our road trip out of the way early. Laguardia – not the airport in New York – was a solid three hour drive from Madrid. Luckily, we had some wonderful music to help pass the time. If you’re like me, you’ve thought about places you can escape to when […]


Madrid – Statues, Tapas and Thieves…

 madrid,Spain,wanderlust   Mar 31, 2016    By

As my Spanish trip loomed, I can’t say I was excited about Madrid. I had my bias against big cities, and I figured it would be more of the same…check out semi-cool museums while also watching out for robbers. More on both later… I picked Madrid as the ‘hub’ of the trip because of convenience. […]


Gdansk – Beginnings and Endings

Poland Gdansk, Poland   Jul 18, 2015    By

As I drove to Charleroi airport one last time, I thought about the ending to my journey…and the beginning. I remember my first trip from here, only a 30 minute drive from my house in Belgium…I went to Edinburgh and thought this was the best and easiest airport ever. Then on my second trip, to […]


Iceland – Terminus

Iceland Keflavík, Iceland   Jul 9, 2015    By

Our Iceland adventure was coming to a close…the end of the road…and time to clean the camper! We emptied the chemical toilet one last time, and spent the next 90 minutes hosing down the outside, vacuuming the inside, washing the dishes, etc…it’s amazing how dirty a camper can get after one week and over 1000 […]