Iceland – The beauty of bubbling mud

Iceland Myvatn, Iceland   Jul 9, 2015    By

We awoke next to Lake Myvatn and, after a very nice breakfast buffet at the only nearby hotel, were off for a busy morning of sightseeing. You could smell the mud pot fields from a mile away…literally. I remember I stayed at a cheap hotel in Italy once, and the water from the faucet smelled […]


Iceland – Nicelanders

Iceland Bifrost, Iceland   Jul 9, 2015    By

Iceland has the nicest people…just thought I’d mention that again. We left Husavik in the morning and headed out east…this was our last full day exploring before taking the camper back. We stopped briefly at a shopping mall in Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland with only 18,000 people. I wanted to stop here […]


Iceland – True love travels on a gravel road

Iceland Myvatn, Iceland   Jul 6, 2015    By

We left the hot springs and set out for Lake Myvatn, an area that our German neighbor warned us was ‘touristy and expensive’…more on that later. As we were driving, we ‘stumbled’ across another random waterfall. I swear I’ve never seen so many waterfalls just arbitrarily appear…for a waterfall-phile (is that a word?) Iceland is […]


Iceland – Puffin Love!

Iceland Egilsstadir, Iceland   Jun 30, 2015    By

Nothing says lovin’ like an Icelandic puffin! Puffins are really adorable, and I don’t recall ever seeing one before. A friend of mine mentioned they are sometimes mixed in with the penguins at the zoo. They do have the penguin look, and have a really cute beak. We took the drive to the so-called ‘puffin […]


Iceland – Life is a highway

Iceland Egilsstadir, Iceland   Jun 30, 2015    By

I woke up around 10ish, Tim and Dieter the same time but they went to sleep long after me…deciding to hang around the glacier park till the wee hours of the morning. We made a final daylight walk deeper into the park and took more great pictures…Iceland is photogenic like that. I decided to bring […]


Iceland – Spill the wine!

Iceland Haukadalur, Iceland   Jun 29, 2015    By

The first full day of the trip started with a mess. We had bought some wine at the airport’s duty free shop (cheapest prices in Iceland), and Tim stored a few in his bag together with all his clothing for the trip. On the way to pick up the camper, the bus took a turn […]


Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland Reykjavík, Iceland   Jun 20, 2015    By

My last big trip in Europe…and I saved the most unique for last – renting a camper with Tim and Dieter and driving the 830 mile ring road in Iceland. I woke up early the morning I left to finish up some things around the house, then my bus ended up being late. The second […]


What a Turkey!!!

Turkey Marmaris, Turkey   Jun 17, 2015    By

This was my fault, as in the interest of ‘country-hoarding’ I took the easiest possible way to spend a night in Turkey…an hour ferry from the Greek islands to a place called Marmaris. My friend Mary tried to talk me into going to Bodrum instead, but that was a longer trip so I settled on […]


The Volcano God of Santorini!

Greece Santorini, Greece   Jun 17, 2015    By

I can honestly say I’ve never been on a volcano, though it’s never been high on my bucket list. Enter Santorini…a beautiful Greek Island known for unique beaches, a vibrant sun, and Sandra Bullock-esque romance. Oh, yeah, and it’s built on an active volcano! The volcano tour was the highlight, so I’ll start with the […]


A tulip is a tulip…

Netherlands Leiden, Netherlands   Jun 4, 2015    By

is a tulip…or a rose…what was that quote again? The second largest garden in the world, and largest tulip garden, is Keukenhof in Holland. Although only open for eight weeks every year, seven million flower bulbs are planted, and over 800,000 people visit annually. If you ask a typical Dutch person, most of these visitors […]