Munich – champions of Europe!

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I was excited to have a work trip to Munich. It’s actually not that easy to get to from Belgium. You have either a 9 hour drive, or an expensive train/plane ride. None of the budget airlines fly there, so I’m glad I had this opportunity. I flew in wearing my Bayern-Munich jersey, nice they just won the championship league the month before, so I definitely wasn’t the only one wearing it.

the jersey of champions

Colleagues from the French and German military met me at the airport, took me to my hotel, and a couple hours later we were out in the main square of Munich heading for dinner. I was pretty amazed by Munich. Most of the European cities I’ve been to have a handful of majestic buildings in their city centre, it seemed like Munich had a handful on every street.


We did a quick look inside the Hofbrau House, then proceeded to dinner, though I can’t remember the name of the place. Too bad, because it was the best meal I’ve had in Europe so far. Giant pretzels for an appetizer, then spaetzle and beer. I thought being vegetarian in Germany would be hard, but I had the best food ever in Munich, even the next night when I had some potato noodle stew with sauerkraut. That night I met some tourists from Wisconsin, we talked Badger football for about an hour, nice!

Day 2 of the trip was the meeting, so I threw on my uniform, shaved to look my best, and headed out to the German base. I really won’t bore the travel blog with details interesting only to me, but more electronic disease surveillance stuff, very productive meeting. I presented some material, the brief went well. After the meeting we walked around Munich some more, and I found some interesting statues to pose with.

me with statueme with statue

That night I met a German friend, Chris, who came through our offices a few months ago as a med student. I was 45 minutes late because I was standing outside of the wrong building we were supposed to meet at…I will always have these flashes of stupidity. One note about Munich, in trying to email Chris that night, I realized that free WiFi is basically non-existent, except for at Starbucks. Strange, but ok. I had my first radler that night, half beer and half lemonade…totally refreshing! I’m going to probably see Chris again in Cologne, in September, looking forward to it.

The last night at the hotel bar I met a couple guys who did theatre in the park stuff, pretty cool conversation. We talked about showing imagery in words, something I’ve had a problem with while writing, I think the conversation helped me…we’ll see. I took the train the next day, off to Vienna…the adventure continues.



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