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I figured since I made such good progress with the car and the house, that I’d escape and spend a weekend in Brussels. It was a quick ride, only 30 minutes on the train. I got to the hotel, threw my bags down, and went out to experience the Brussels nightlife. I ended up at a local pub nearby my hotel. I ordered a Leffe Blonde, the bartender laughed, I guess that’s a ‘tourist beer’ over here. At 6.6% alcohol, I consider it much different than Bud and Miller light! I later was talked into a Tripel, a much stronger beer, and was in bed at the hotel before midnight. When I woke up in the middle of the night hungry, I went looking for food at 4 in the morning, expecting maybe to find one or two places open. Actually, most everything was open, the clubs were still blaring house music. I think I’d like this city more if I were 10-15 years younger! Overall the first night was nice, the Grand Place is beautiful during the day but especially at dusk.

grand placegrand place

In the morning I walked around the city a bit…I couldn’t find a decent breakfast to save my life. Places here tend not to open till around 11:00, so early risers have basically nothing to do. The place that opened the earliest was the Delirium Cafe’, I stopped in for some local beer.

I hung around central Brussels, in hindsight I should’ve taken the train to some of the other sites. The most exciting thing I did was fight the snowy roads and go to the all-French mass at the St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral.

snowy road in brusselsbrussels church

I had a very average sushi dinner on Saturday night, then actually managed to stay out until around midnight. I’ll plan the next Brussels trip better, this time I just winged it and left a lot of sites unseen. It’s only around a 40 minute train ride from where I’m at, so I’ll get some more opportunities.


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