To Cascais and the sandy beaches!!!!

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After being spoiled by San Diego beaches, European beaches sometimes leave much to be desired. One of my main complaints is the prevalence of ‘rocky’ beaches instead of sand. In fact, all the beaches I’ve been to in Europe have been rocky instead of sandy…until Cascais. I just don’t get the rocky beach concept. It hurts like hell to walk on the rocks, then if you try and put a chair down it’s usually uneven…and don’t even try to lay down on a towel, it kills the back! A quick day trip from Lisbon, I arrived in Cascais after an hour train ride.

First stop was the beach! I’ve never been more happy to get sand in my shoes…I even walked barefoot for a while just to reminisce on San Diego. The beaches here were very clean, and the water very blue…damn near perfect. After catching some cool street music in one of the main squares, I continued to walk up the coastline.

beach in cascaisview of water in cascaisstreet music in cascais

I was able to see ‘Boca de Inferno’, or ‘Devil’s Mouth.’ This is basically a natural rock formation caused by constant crashing of waves, which led to a hole in the rocks…pretty cool!

boca de inferno in cascaisboca de inferno in cascaisboca de inferno in cascais

I took a turn inland to check out the Parque Marechal Carmona, a park in the middle of town. Before I got into the park there was this giant mansion next to it, with an adjacent church.

chapel in cascaismansion in cascais

It was a beautiful mansion, and I think it’s a museum, too, but not open on Sundays, so I just admired from the outside. The park was great, they had chickens (or roosters maybe) just walking around making all kinds of racket. I also saw a boring peacock, basically just waiting outside a closed library that I think probably feeds her when it’s open…hence her waiting patiently outside. I tried to coax her into showing her tail feathers…no luck. I also couldn’t resist shooting a video of some baby chicks.

chickens in cascaischickens in cascais


Like most of Portugal, there were flowers everywhere in the park…really some beautiful scenery.

flowers in cascaisflowers in cascaisflowers in cascais

After leaving the park, I realized I didn’t have any pictures of me in Cascais yet. I found some kind souls to snap some photos of me next to a couple of statues, and then one of me with the ocean behind me…really turned out great.

me with statue in cascaisme with statue in cascaisme by water in cascais

My last stop was an Indian restaurant that had a 5 star review on tripadvisor…hard to believe there’s great Indian in a beach town, but the reviews turned out being right…I had an outstanding vegetable curry!

great curry in cascais!

Then, it was back to Lisbon. I only spent a half day here, but I imagine if I lived in Lisbon, I’d take the train here often.


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