Cassis – a lovely seaside village

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Ah, Cassis, I’ve been waiting for this one. I grabbed the bus from a busy Marsielle downtown area, and it took only around 45 minutes to get there. The ride was something, reminded me of going up Big Sur. The views were amazing, though I admit with my fear of heights I got a bit freaked when I saw how far the bus would drop if it veered over the guardrail. I walked into town and immediately thought of La Jolla Cove in San Diego, it had a lot of similarities. Checked into the hotel and went straight for a run around the pier area. The town really isn’t that great for running, just too small and too many hills. I could barely squeeze out 4 miles. The views from the port were great, and there was a cute city centre.

harborharbormain square

I went out to eat the first night at a fancy Italian restaurant, and chatted with an American there named Jack, who was there alone to see Cassis as well. He was a nuclear physicist, not sure I’ve ever met one of those. The next morning was the highlight of my trip, going to see the calanques…basically these beautiful white cliffs overlooking the water. The boat tour went to all eight calanques and lasted around 90 minutes.

calanques tourcalanques tourcalanques tour

calanques tourcalanques tourcalanques tour

calanques tourcalanques tourcalanques tour

I was able to get a Bloody Mary at one the local bars afterward. Side note, it’s been very difficult to find bars that make a good Bloody Mary in Europe, it’s definitely a North America thing, I think. There was also a great dog in the bar, who posed with me for a picture.

dog at a cafe

I checked out some shops around the town and was mildly disappointed, not much in the way of souvenirs. The nightlife was interesting, I stayed out late both nights I was there, as we had a discotheque right next to the hotel. Would I come back? Hell yeah, this town was beautiful…the calanques are a must see for everyone.

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