Graz: Birthday Trip Part II

Austria Graz, Austria   Nov 7, 2013    By

I took the 3 hour train from Slovenia to Graz, Austria. Why there? Well, my favorite city so far has been Vienna, so I wanted the chance of exploring more of Austria. My train got in late and I hustled to my hotel to check-in, as I was dying to eat something. I was craving Indian food, and got some bad directions so it took me an hour to find the place…all that for mediocre Indian food, oh well. I made it back to the hotel room in time to catch the Steelers game, and the horrible loss to the Raiders. I must say that the worst thing about Austria is the WiFi, it’s the slowest I’ve ever experienced. I guess it’s run by one company, and all the hotels here say ‘free WiFi’ but it’s really so slow that it’s hard to even upload a picture to Facebook.

The next day, and my only full day in Graz, I started off at the glockenspiel, the local tourist trap. At 11:00 every day, the glockenspiel plays and these windows open up, and a couple statues spin around to the music. There was massive road construction going on at the time, so it took me awhile to shoot a good video where there was no jackhammer sound in the background.

After that, I went to the armory museum. If I was ever stuck in Graz during a ‘Red Dawn’ event, I would be sure to stop here and stock up on weapons.

armory museum in grazarmory museum in grazarmory museum in graz

The best thing that happened to me at the armory museum was when I went to buy an umbrella from the gift shop. A woman there asked me if I really wanted to spend 14 euro on an umbrella, and we got to talking. In the 9 months I’ve been in Europe, this woman, Emily, is the nicest person I have met…and she’s from New York! She recognized my obvious American accent, and invited me out to lunch with her friend Kathi, who was really cool as well. We agreed to meet up later in the evening, which gave me time to check out some more of Graz.

I went to the Schlossberg, climbed the hill to the top and saw some great views, and a very cool statue of the ‘Hackher Lion’.

schlossberg in grazview of graz from schlossbergschlossberg in graz

On the walk back I had a drink at the Murinsel, a floating metal island…very cool.

murinsel in grazmurinsel in graz

That night I met Emily, and we originally planned on going to a lecture at the local science & technology university. It took us awhile to find the right classroom, however, and by the time we made it the professor was already deep into his talk on God and mathematics. We ended up leaving early, and got some great food and hit some pubs. Thanks to Emily’s friend Tony who gave me some tips on my Budapest trip!

Leaving Graz was hard, I really love this city, and it makes me seriously think of learning German and living in Austria one day. Thank you, Emily, for the Graz hospitality…if you’re ever in Belgium I’ll return the favor.




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