Iceland – Puffin Love!

Iceland Egilsstadir, Iceland   Jun 30, 2015    By

Nothing says lovin’ like an Icelandic puffin!

Puffins are really adorable, and I don’t recall ever seeing one before. A friend of mine mentioned they are sometimes mixed in with the penguins at the zoo. They do have the penguin look, and have a really cute beak. We took the drive to the so-called ‘puffin harbour’ up north, taking 90 minutes of gravel roads to get there…well worth the trip. These buggers were cute, but hard to take pictures of as they kept a safe distance from humans. I didn’t realize why until I heard they eat smoked puffin in Iceland. Really? Smoked puffin, whale steak…what else do they eat here…kittens and unicorns? I got some good pics but was jealous of Tim’s camera that had an ultra-super zoom lens…he got the best shots.

puffin in icelandpuffin in icelandpuffin in iceland

puffin in icelandpuffin in icelandpuffin in iceland

We left puffin harbour and went searching for a barbeque site, since the camper came with a grill…albeit a cheap one. Once we found a spot we realized we didn’t have a screwdriver to properly put the grill together, so we were stuck placing it strategically between some rocks. Trying not to start a wildfire in such an environmentally friendly country as Iceland, we finally got the coals going after about 30 minutes. I couldn’t partake in the meat, but the grilled cucumbers were delectable…Dieter did a great job as the chef.

barbeque in icelandbarbeque site in icelandbarbeque site in iceland

This was a really quiet setting, with only one farmhouse to be seen in the distance…the sheep didn’t even bother us. The strangest thing was the radio station that Tim had on…it was an Icelandic Christian music station. We were eating barbeque to songs talking about ‘Christ has risen’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just gave the scene a very somber, sensitive vibe. In Tim’s defense I think it was the only radio station that got a signal where we were at.

After stopping briefly at our former campsite to add more water for dish-washing, we headed out along the river to the hot springs. This was another secluded area that coupled as a campsite, so we set up shop here and headed for the water. Many locals use these springs for skin care, as the water is at a perfect temperature and very clean. We met a French couple and an older British woman who we chatted with for awhile, and took some pics of us enjoying the chill life in Iceland (pun intended).

hot springs in icelandhot springs in icelandhot springs in iceland

We retired early to the camper, briefly listened to some heavy metal YouTube videos, chatted with our German neighbor, and finally hit the bed expecting another heavy drive in the morning.

This day was great, the drive even offered some wonderful views of the landscape, including a really colorful one that I termed an ‘Icelandic layer-cake’…so many colors I couldn’t believe it.

colorful landscape of iceland

I also personally loved the ‘ice shadows’ photo I took near the hot springs.

ice shadows in iceland

We were officially done with the east of Iceland…tomorrow we venture to the north!




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