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    Our Iceland adventure was coming to a close…the end of the road…and time to clean the camper! We emptied the chemical toilet one last time, and spent the next 90 minutes hosing down the outside, vacuuming the inside, washing the dishes, etc…it’s amazing how dirty a camper can get after one week and over 1000 miles. I found myself still sweeping up tortilla chips that I spilled on the second day. Lucky for us the gravel roads didn’t do any major damage, and the company inspection gave the camper a clean bill of health. We handed in the keys and bid our former home a fond farewell.

    I’ve heard of Keflavik before this trip, as there used to be a Naval base here that closed years ago. There wasn’t much to see, except for some cool street art and a couple nautical monuments.

    Monument in Keflavik, IcelandMonument in Keflavik, IcelandStreet Art in Keflavik, Iceland

    Street Art in Keflavik, IcelandStreet Art in Keflavik, Iceland

    I think these days it’s mostly known for having the largest airport in Iceland…in fact one of the locals we met in Bifrost referred to it as a ‘boring’ town. Regardless of that poor recommendation, we had a night here before we left early in the morning so we decided to check out the night life. First stop was Subway…again…I swear I can’t get enough of this place!

    Subway in Keflavik, Iceland

    We went to a really nice bar that had a large variety of regional beers…I never would’ve expected it but the beer in Iceland was excellent compared with other countries in Europe. I played pool for the first time in years, and with mostly luck won three straight games. It was a three-person game called cutthroat that I used to play back in the US, and I was surprised I remembered all the rules. We grabbed some pizza at a place called Fernando’s, then went next door to Keflavik’s only Irish pub. There was a strange crowd here, and a couple guys who looked as if they’d been drinking for days kept talking to us. We raised our glasses and toasted to one of the most unique trips ever, and then called it a night.

    Bar in Keflavik, IcelandBar in Keflavik, Iceland

    The morning was only eventful because Tim couldn’t find his passport. Luckily TSA agents don’t work at the Keflavik airport, so they were content with a scanned copy he had on his phone. Realistically I knew I likely wouldn’t be back here, so I reminisced on the experience during the flight home. First off I don’t know how you see Iceland without at least a rental car…public transportation doesn’t seem like a good option as there are no trains, only buses, and basing yourself in Reykjavik for any amount of time isn’t good since it’s not really close to anything. Also, for people who love the outdoors this could easily be a month-long trip. We left a lot of sights on the table, as it’s nearly impossible to see everything. We only drove the perimeter of the country, but the inland area, only accessible by 4×4, is supposed to be amazing for hiking.

    The last thought I had was why Iceland wasn’t a more visited place…maybe it has to do with the name and the perception that it’s cold and ugly all the time. In reality this country had some of the most breathtaking landscapes I’d ever seen, and the cliche ‘once in a lifetime’ popped into my head while thinking about what I had just experienced. When I move back to the US in a few weeks and adjust once again to my old way of living, memories are bound to fade…but this one never will.




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