Iceland – True love travels on a gravel road

Iceland Myvatn, Iceland   Jul 6, 2015    By

We left the hot springs and set out for Lake Myvatn, an area that our German neighbor warned us was ‘touristy and expensive’…more on that later.

As we were driving, we ‘stumbled’ across another random waterfall. I swear I’ve never seen so many waterfalls just arbitrarily appear…for a waterfall-phile (is that a word?) Iceland is pure heaven. We had to hike a bit to get there, but it was worth it…it actually looked like there was a double waterfall, with a small one branching off to the side.

waterfall in icelandwaterfall in icelandwaterfall in iceland

There was more falling water during the drive, and we saw this cool scene of these mini waterfalls scattered about a mountainside.

mini waterfalls in iceland

The map showed Myvatn within our reach, but we decided on a ‘quick’, or so we thought, detour to Dettifoss, billed as the ‘most powerful’ waterfall in Europe…not sure how they measure power but no one seems to be disputing the claim. We dealt with gravel roads already during the trip, but the road to Dettifoss was the worst. I’m not sure if the GPS corrects for the reduced speed limit needed for a camper on a road like this, but it ended up taking a lot longer than expected…it was a slow, bumpy, and dusty ride. I felt more anxious since I personally recommended we decline the ‘gravel insurance’ for the camper. The worst thing was on the way back, as we got mixed up and took the wrong way, and didn’t notice until we were thirty minutes in the wrong direction…I swear we spent over two hours driving time on this brutal gravel road.

But focusing on the positives…Dettifoss was grandiose. We walked down about a hundred stairs into a picturesque canyon, and the waterfall spray hit us right away. The water coupled with the rocky terrain and green landscape provided a beautiful image. Like other places in Iceland, there appeared to be no restriction on how close you could get…trip at your own risk! Clinically depressed people should seriously avoid Iceland…there are too many places you could jump and write your final chapter. A kid was screaming that she lost her apple in the falls while washing it…luckily the father didn’t decide to go in after it. We hung out at the rocks for a bit, took some goofy pictures, and continued on to Myvatn.

waterfall in icelandwaterfall in icelandwaterfall in iceland

waterfall in icelandwaterfall in icelandgoofing off in iceland
We drove into Myvatn and, based on what our German neighbor told us, were perplexed when we LEFT Myvatn after a five minute drive. I’m not sure what town she was referring to, but Myvatn consisted of two separate towns, which each resided on their own street…didn’t exactly have the ‘touristy’ vibe. We found one restaurant that had great beer but below average food, and we set up camp in a nearby parking lot.

The good thing was that Myvatn had a bunch of sights within a small radius, so we looked forward to an early night and an active morning of tourist life. We also made a pact…no more waterfalls! Even beauty like that needs to be seen in moderation.




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