Slovenia: Birthday Trip Part I

Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia   Nov 7, 2013    By

Slovenia is a unique choice for my first stop on the birthday trip. I found a cheap flight on Wizz Air, and it made for a good starting hub to train up to Austria and Hungary so I decided to check it out for a few nights. I knew nothing about Ljubljana, or Slovenia for that matter, except I remember the World Cup match in 2010 where the U.S. nearly lost to Slovenia before their epic comeback in the last 45 minutes.

I got there late afternoon and again paid too much for a taxi from the airport, but I’m getting used to that. The hotel I was staying at was over a restaurant, and the room was nothing but the basics…but just what I needed. My first night I went strolling around looking for some Asian food…I found a Thai restaurant but the food was just ok. I was stunned at how beautiful Ljubljana was at night, and how walkable the city was. The next day I did a free walking tour. This city is both beautiful and clean, with great people, I fell in love with Ljubljana right away. The bridges and canals were the highlight, and there were some great markets, statues, and churches as well.

 triple bridge in sloveniadragon bridge in sloveniaview of water in slovenia

I bailed on the tour early and walked up to the castle. Not the best castle I’ve seen, that honor is reserved for Edinburgh and Ghent, but still there were beautiful views of the city.

castle in sloveniaview from castle in slovenia

Later on my last night I went to a pub and met a group from a German fraternity in Munich. One of them, David, was from Atlanta, believe it or not. We had some drinks, a lot of great conversation, and then I decided to go see ‘after hours’ Slovenia with them. The bartender from the pub we were at led us a few kilometers away to this open area where the party looked like it went on all night. There were these bars scattered about with cheap beer, and I ended up hanging out way too long. Risky decision to stay out so late in a country I’ve never been to before, but I got away with it so all is good. I actually got lost on the walk back to my hotel, I’m lucky a taxi was around and I remembered my hotel was near the ‘pink church’, which is the only landmark I could remember at the time after quite a few Laskos, the local beer.

hanging with some germans in sloveniaafter hours party in slovenia

Ljubljana was amazing, one of my favorite cities in Europe so far. Thanks to David, Ludwig, and the other Munich brothers who showed me a great time. My friend Mike called while I was here, and he’s planning a Slovenia trip for next summer, and I definitely want to tag along. This is truly a beautiful place, with beautiful people and beautiful scenery. I got on the train and didn’t look back, but only because I know I’ll be here again.




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