Verona – I’d be a Montague

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…and who wouldn’t be? In ‘Romeo and Juliet’, don’t the Capulets sound like a bunch of jerks? I realize Romeo was in love with the ‘one good’ Capulet, but her family would’ve made me rethink things. Unless Juliet was adopted, I’d be afraid of her carrying the ‘evil Capulet’ gene as a recessive trait…or maybe the ‘Capulet ways’ manifest later in life. Clearly Romeo didn’t have any good guy friends (sorry, Mercutio), as they would’ve advised him over a beer to let her go and move on.

Back to reality…the trip from Venice to Verona was brief and uneventful. I think it took longer to walk to the hotel from the train station, as my unnatural sense of direction took over once again. It seems that every time I have a 50/50 chance of picking the right way, I choose the wrong way. The hotel was okay, but I didn’t realize it had a shared bathroom…I think I’ve graduated from shared rooms of any kind, hence my recent aversion to hostels.

Unfortunately it rained nearly the entire trip here, but that didn’t deter me from seeing the two major sights of Verona. The first was the arena. Verona has one of the best preserved Roman arenas in Europe, built in the 1st century. They still have operas here, and I wanted to come for opening night in June but the scheduling just didn’t work out. No worries, seeing the epic structure was amazing with or without a performance.

roman arena in veronaroman arena in veronaroman arena in verona

The house of Juliet was the next big sight to see, and damn was it crowded. Because I was there over Valentine’s day, the admission price was greatly reduced, so tourists were everywhere. It was cool to see, but Romeo and Juliet were fictional characters, so it exuded a ‘tourist trap’ vibe. Not as bad as the leaning tower of Pisa, nothing is that bad…but definitely up there in that tier. I got the token shots of the balcony, and the views from the house. It all looked very pretty…but it’s all based on a story so there is no historical significance at all…though I still took a lovely picture next to the Juliet statue….oh, Juliet…. 🙂

juliet house in veronajuliet house in veronajuliet house in verona

The rest of Verona was nice, though I guess I expected more. There was a cool fortress nearby the hotel, a nice main square, and a vibrant Irish pub with a good selection of scotch. I really hope the rain didn’t influence my time here, but I think it may be time to invest in a packable umbrella.

main square in veronastreets of veronafortress of verona

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