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superkilen in copenhagen, denmark

Shutter Love Sunday – Copenhagen, Denmark

 Copenhagen, Denmark   Aug 20, 2017    By

What you are seeing is a replica elephant slide from Pripyat, the now Ukrainian ghost town that residents evacuated decades ago due to Chernobyl. The original slide has appeared on a few lists showcasing the creepiest abandoned amusement parks in the world. Though left by humans, I read recently that the animal population in Pripyat […]


king's garden in copenhagen

Shutter Love Sunday – Copenhagen, Denmark

 Copenhagen, Denmark,photography   Oct 16, 2016    By

This week’s photo comes from the King’s Garden in Copenhagen, situated on the beautiful grounds of Rosenborg Castle. This sculpture, aptly entitled ‘Fight with a Snake’ was constructed by Sir Thomas Brock, famously known for the Queen Victoria memorial outside of Buckingham Palace.  


king's garden

Copenhagen – ‘oej goej mej floeje’

Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark   Feb 6, 2015    By

The title of this blog is how a local told me ‘strawberries and cream’ is pronounced in Danish. Danish is one of the hardest languages to learn in the world, I’ve heard…but most of the Danes know English, probably because most of the world doesn’t know Danish. The name for this dessert, coupled with ‘vaskesuger’ […]