Halloumi Cheese and Medieval Rhodes

Greece Rhodes, Greece   Nov 25, 2016    By

Halloumi cheese is the BEST cheese in the world. I first had it while I was living in Bahrain, and eventually ended up ordering it a few times a week there from a nearby restaurant. The cheese is usually grilled and spiced before serving, and what’s most noticeable is the texture. If you didn’t know […]


Namur and Dinant – A Walloon Weekend!

Belgium Namur, Belgium   Sep 20, 2016    By

I’ve been trying to book most of my weekends, as I am fast approaching the end of my European experience. Once I return home to the US, I don’t want to regret any ‘lost weekends’ in Mons when I could’ve been seeing something different. Namur province had been on my list for awhile, mostly due […]


Iceland – Chasing Waterfalls!

Iceland Skogar, Iceland   Sep 3, 2016    By

Waking up to Gullfoss was amazing, and we had already planned to chase a couple more waterfalls our second day. Before leaving we decided on breakfast – this is one of the many advantages of a camper, as cooking your own food saves lots of money especially with the prices in Iceland. Dieter was the […]


Quoth Ravenna

Italy Ravenna, Italy   Jul 24, 2016    By

Ravenna was such a pleasant surprise, set only a 90 minute train ride from Bologna. It’s a popular day trip for its 1,500 year old Christian Byzantine mosaics, some of the best preserved in the world. To see all the sights here at a leisurely pace, I recommend spending the night. My hotel, fittingly named […]


A Baltic Pilgrimage to the Hill of Crosses

Lithuania Siauliai, Lithuania   Jul 18, 2016    By

I was staying at an apartment in Siauliai, and the owner, after I checked in, offered to drive me to the hill of crosses. That’s what I came to see, and even though I planned on taking the bus, I graciously took him up on his offer as it was quite cold, and I’ve heard […]


London…it’s Elementary!

United Kingdom London, United Kingdom   Jul 4, 2016    By

“You have to go to London!” “Why?” “Because you do! How can you be in Europe for over two years and not go to London?” “I like smaller cities I guess….” “Isn’t it just a two hour train ride away?” “Well yes, but….” “You’re stupid if you don’t go!” Okay, I give up…I went to […]


Croatia – The Dalmatian Way!

Croatia Split, Croatia   Jun 20, 2016    By

I ‘split’ this blog entry into two parts. One for the city of Split, where we spent the most time, and another for the drive to and from Split, which was beautiful in its own right. The city: Split is the capital of Dalmatia, so easily the busiest city I’ve seen in Croatia. Parking seemed […]


I fell in love…with Krakow.

Poland Krakow, Poland   Jun 6, 2016    By

Wow, what a city Krakow is. It’s such a stark difference from Warsaw…which I found to be a bit bland. Krakow is full of life, and why not? Poland suffered through the Nazi occupation, and then 40 years of communist rule. Stalin never liked Poland, so he treated it the worst. There seemed to be […]


Lovely Lisbon

Portugal Lisbon, Portugal   May 29, 2016    By

I don’t usually do trips on back-to-back weekends, so after my Italy trip this was sure bound to wear me out. I flew into Lisbon with medium expectations, as previously getting my hopes up about a place has usually led me to be disappointed. Let’s just say that Lisbon far exceeded my expectations, and quickly […]


Nimes – Crocodile in Blue Jeans!

France Nîmes, Paris, France   May 16, 2016    By

“Money talks… But it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk… And long as I can have you here with me I’d much rather be Crocodile in blue jeans…” Yes, I changed the last line…that’s a Neil Diamond song I’ve done at karaoke many times. I took a cheap flight to Nimes, France for […]