Avignon – Popes and a Roman Bridge

France Avignon, Paris, France   Oct 3, 2014    By

Another work trip to Marseille meant another side trip to one of the nearby regions. Marseille isn’t my favorite city, to put it as kindly as possible. I re-read my first blog entry from Marseille and I seemed to like it a lot…but after two more trips there I’ve changed my views. Focusing on the […]


Auschwitz – A Cry of Despair

Poland Oswiecim, Poland   Jun 18, 2014    By

Auschwitz – Day Trip from Krakow, Poland This isn’t a day trip you look forward to in Poland, but I think it’s one people need to see, if they have the chance. The Nazi death camps are the best example of man’s inhumanity towards man, and as the memorial plaque states, serve as a ‘warning […]


Thessaloniki the Great!

Greece Thessaloniki, Greece   May 11, 2014    By

After my so-so trip to Prague I needed an experience like this to get my travel blood pumping again. Thessaloniki was an easy city to pick, since budget airlines fly there relatively cheap. I went in with no expectations, and was blown away with the beauty of the city and its people. It’s hard to […]


Oslo – The Heroes of Telemark!

Norway Oslo, Norway   Apr 10, 2014    By

After my work trip in Sweden, I decided to take a quick flight over to Oslo. I had been in Norway before, a few years back in a city called Bergen. Unfortunately, I let the shock of the expensive prices adversely affect my trip back then, so I came more mentally prepared this time. Norway […]


Stockholm – IKEA and ABBA!

Sweden Stockholm, Sweden   Apr 2, 2014    By

I’m sure many blogs on Stockholm trips have had that title! I did not, however, go to IKEA while in Sweden, I had an ABBA experience, but more on that later. I went to Stockholm for work, we had a Force Health Protection meeting there for most of the week, and the agenda was pretty […]


Tirana – a city with potential

Albania Tirana, Albania   Jan 29, 2014    By

I remember a friend telling me in college that ‘potential’ was a scary word…that it put unnecessary pressure on someone to be better than what they were. I use ‘potential’ for the city of Tirana because it’s true…however, I see no one there feeling pressured to actually realize that potential. This was a different trip […]