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Namur and Dinant – A Walloon Weekend!

Belgium Namur, Belgium   Sep 20, 2016    By

I’ve been trying to book most of my weekends, as I am fast approaching the end of my European experience. Once I return home to the US, I don’t want to regret any ‘lost weekends’ in Mons when I could’ve been seeing something different. Namur province had been on my list for awhile, mostly due […]


7 Things to Know About Belgium

 Belgium,destinations,eurotrip   Jun 16, 2016    By

Most people are just in and out of Belgium, or just ‘passing through’ on their way to Amsterdam, Germany, London or Paris. They experience the beer and the chocolate, but you can’t get a feel for the uniqueness of the country in only a few days. I was lucky enough to live here for two […]


Shopping trip to Hasselt

Belgium Hasselt, Belgium   Oct 9, 2013    By

I’m not sure where I heard about Hasselt, I think it was one webpage that said it was a good shopping city in Belgium. I’ve been looking for a good winter jacket. I came out here with one, but the zipper broke. Then I bought one in Germany with a nice hood, but then the […]


Leuven – Good Mexican Food in Europe!

Belgium Leuven, Belgium   Sep 3, 2013    By

I got into Leuven from Mechelen rather quick, it’s only a 25 minute train ride. My hotel was right by the train station, which typically is not a nice area but here it was really nice…loaded with restaurants and cafes. I immediately walked to the city centre, and saw one of the nicer buildings I’ve […]


The Mechelen Man!

Belgium Mechelen, Belgium   Sep 3, 2013    By

So another impromptu trip, I decided on a weekend exploring more of Belgium. First stop, the city of Mechelen, a 90 minute train ride away in the Dutch area. A local explained Mechelen to me as a ‘cozy’ town, and I agree. It’s a very walkable city, with one amazingly beautiful church with a belfry […]


Europe’s best zoo…in Belgium?

Belgium Brugelette, Belgium   Aug 25, 2013    By

I know I’ve been down on where I live, as being in Mons, Belgium has typically been rather mundane. However, today I went to Pairi Daiza, the local zoo in nearby Brugelette. We scheduled our writing group meeting here for a change of scenery, and after a very productive meeting for a couple hours walked […]


Best city in Belgium

Belgium Ghent, Belgium   Apr 15, 2013    By

Of the ‘big four’ Belgian cities, Ghent was my last trip (Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp being the others). I have to say I like Ghent the best, slightly better than Bruges, probably due to there being less tourists here. It was only a 90 minute train ride from Mons, and my hotel was an old […]