small towns in europe - husavik, iceland

12 Charming Small Towns In Europe You Must Visit

 Austria, Belgium, best of europe, Croatia, destinations, eurotrip, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Travel Advice   Jul 14, 2016   By

My Fascination with Small Towns Small towns fascinate me. I once dreamed of writing a book about small towns in the US, documenting things like [...]


photo essay - black and white paris

Photo Essay – Paris In Black And White

 Paris, France, photography   Jan 11, 2019   By

Paris is beautiful even without color. I recently found this black and white video montage of Paris around 1900. The clothing has changed but the [...]


hasselt, belgium - underrated in europe

Underrated Destinations In Europe (11 Places To Discover)

 Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Travel Advice   Aug 23, 2018   By

Looking to add some underrated gems to your European bucket list? Europe has so many destinations that permanently live in people’s daydreams. When you wrap [...]


Avignon – Popes and a Roman Bridge

 Avignon, Paris, France   Oct 3, 2014   By

Another work trip to Marseille meant another side trip to one of the nearby regions. Marseille isn’t my favorite city, to put it as kindly [...]


Bastille Day 2016 – Tragedy and Triumph

 festival, France, United States   Sep 9, 2016   By

He said he was delivering ice cream…so security let him pass. Minutes later, he drove through the promenade in Nice, dashing dreams and killing lovers. [...]


Yesteryear Europe, July – Rehabilitation of Joan

 Paris, Reims, France, wanderlust   Jul 28, 2016   By

Sometimes a city or region gets pigeonholed because of its name. Does anyone think of Pisa and not imagine their ridiculously leaning tower? Can you [...]


Moving Pictures – Lille, France

 Lille, Paris, destinations, France   Jun 14, 2016   By

This month’s video is from Lille, one of my hidden gems of Europe. Over the course of the last few years, the Tapir has become [...]