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Bastille Day 2016 – Tragedy and Triumph

 festival,France   Sep 9, 2016    By

He said he was delivering ice cream…so security let him pass. Minutes later, he drove through the promenade in Nice, dashing dreams and killing lovers. This was a truly horrific attack, with over 80 people murdered and countless injured. Being someone who suffers from driving anxiety, I had a unique empathy for this situation as […]


Yesteryear Europe, July – Rehabilitation of Joan

 Paris, Reims, France,wanderlust   Jul 28, 2016    By

Sometimes a city or region gets pigeonholed because of its name. Does anyone think of Pisa and not imagine their ridiculously leaning tower? Can you possibly visit Vatican City and not run into some pope-themed, tacky souvenir? That’s why my expectations for variety were low when I visited the champagne region of France. I thought […]


Moving Pictures – Lille, France

 Lille, Paris, destinations,France   Jun 14, 2016    By

This month’s video is from Lille, one of my hidden gems of Europe. Over the course of the last few years, the Tapir has become one of my favorite zoo animals, along with the Capybara. I saw a lovely Tapir being fed in Vienna, then saw a picture circulated over Facebook of some beautiful baby […]


Nimes – Crocodile in Blue Jeans!

France Nîmes, Paris, France   May 16, 2016    By

“Money talks… But it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk… And long as I can have you here with me I’d much rather be Crocodile in blue jeans…” Yes, I changed the last line…that’s a Neil Diamond song I’ve done at karaoke many times. I took a cheap flight to Nimes, France for […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Reims, France

 Paris, Reims, destinations,France   May 8, 2016    By

I raise a glass of champagne to the moms of the world…Happy Mother’s Day to all! This photo comes from the cellars of the Veuve Clicquot tour in Reims, France…one of the most known champagnes in the world. A quick French lesson…’Reims’ is actually pronounced like ‘France’ without the ‘F’. Our tour guide took the […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Lille, France

 Lille, Paris, France,photography   May 1, 2016    By

In loving memory of…pigeons? Yes, the only monument to carrier pigeons who died in World War I is in Lille, France, in front of the zoo entrance. Before the wide use of telephones, pigeons were used during wartime to deliver messages. Once the enemy found this out they realized killing them could disrupt communications and […]


Champagne Road Trip!

France Paris, Reims, France   May 11, 2015    By

I don’t do many road trips. Full disclosure – I really hate driving. Back in the US, I never go over the speed limit, never turn right on a red light, and barely ever venture into the passing lane on the freeway. I even went through a year-long period of driving anxiety where I’d avoid […]