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Shutter Love Sunday – Tartu, Estonia

 Avinurme, Tallinn, Tartu, destinations,Estonia   Jul 24, 2016    By

This statue is the symbol of the city…and why not? The university crowd defines this town, which was shut down during communist rule and used as the site for a boring military base. Tartu is now a prospering hub for young minds, with the ‘kissing students’ signifying the youthful vibe of the city. I spent an […]


Tallinn – Medieval Times!

Estonia Tallinn, Estonia   Mar 10, 2015    By

If you’re looking for a medieval-type city in Europe, Tallinn is the place for you. A city can’t retain all of its medieval quality, of course, as some modernization is inevitable, but looking at the architecture here you could almost imagine people decked out in medieval garb, riding on horseback, and discussing the most recent […]


Estonia…once upon a time…

Estonia Avinurme, Estonia   Mar 4, 2015    By

Once upon a time…behind seven lands and seas, there lived the town of Avinurme, Estonia. Nestled within the kingdom of Ida-Viru, the town consisted mostly of bears, deer and other friendly wildlife, who lived in harmony with the 1500 human inhabitants. The town’s main industries were knitwear and handmade wooden baskets. Men would ferment their […]


Tartu – Back to School!

Estonia Tartu, Estonia   Mar 3, 2015    By

Not literally, but it certainly felt that way, as Tartu is the intellectual centre of Estonia, housing the University of Tartu and a significant student population. One of the main symbols of the city is the ‘kissing students’, represented by a fountain in the main town square. I first heard of Tartu about a year […]