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Shutter Love Sunday – Cork, Ireland

 Cork, Ireland,photography   Jul 17, 2016    By

Honest moment here…I never liked Halloween. I was always jealous since my birthday was one day before, so I felt slighted. I can’t remember the last time I had a memorable Halloween before my trip to Ireland a few years back. I took this picture at a bar in Cork, as I thought the woman’s […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Connemara, Ireland

 Connemara, Ireland   Jun 19, 2016    By

I had an okay time in Dublin, but the best thing to do in Ireland is rent a car and go west. Spend a night in Galway, stay late at an Irish pub singing with the locals, and head out to Connemara park to see beautiful horses like the ones shown below. Keep driving after […]


Dublin…or Publin?

Ireland Dublin, Ireland   Nov 20, 2014    By

I’ve saved the worst of Ireland for last…yes, I didn’t like Dublin. I do love Irish pubs, however. When I’m traveling around Europe, I find it amazing that nearly every city has at least one. I see Irish pubs as a brief respite from the culture shock of an area. If you’re in a city […]


Lord of the Ring…of Kerry!

Ireland County Kerry, Ireland   Nov 19, 2014    By

Okay, of all the things I saw in Ireland, this was the best. The Ring of Kerry, which was like a combination of Connemara for the beautiful landscape and Dingle Peninsula for the stunning coastal views. It was a long drive, it took hours to see the whole thing, but it was so worth it. […]


Cork – Happy Birthday/Halloween!!!

Ireland Cork, Ireland   Nov 19, 2014    By

Cork was our last city stop before returning to Dublin. This would be a special two days, as the day we arrived was a birthday – for both me and Juliane. For years we had talked about going out for our shared birthday, and when I got stationed in Europe it was obvious to try […]


Misty cliffs!!!

Ireland The Burren, Ireland   Nov 18, 2014    By

We spent the morning driving to the Cliffs of Moher, one of the ‘must see’ sights on the West Coast of Ireland. Unfortunately everyone else knows this as well, so it was easily the most touristy thing we saw on our trip. The mobs of people, however, couldn’t take away the beauty of our surroundings. […]


Limerick – There was an old man with a beard….

Ireland Limerick, Ireland   Nov 17, 2014    By

Who said, “it’s just how I feared!” Two owls and a hen Four larks and a wren Have all built their nests in my beard. That’s what a Limerick was to me my whole life, then I recently realized this form of poetry is named after a city in Ireland. It was a stark difference […]