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horses in molise, italy

Why Molise Should Be On Your Italy Bucket List

Molise has really attractive neighbors. The kind where you wouldn't blame Molise for being lush green with envy. Looking for a wine holiday? Visit Avellino or Tuscany. Interested in history? Rome is the obvious choice, with Pompeii and Herculaneum also in the conversation. For coastal beauty look no further than Sorrento and Amalfi. Where does [...]
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sant'agata - italian town with great wine

Sant’Agata De’ Goti – Italian Hidden Gem With Amazing Wine

Why has no one told me about Sant'Agata De' Goti before now? When I first heard the town name, it reminded me of the self-indulgent classic rock song 'In A Gadda Da Vida' and I even caught myself humming the annoying tune. Similar to other Italian towns like Castelmezzano, Sant'Agata sits beautifully on a rock [...]
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the european city of mostar, bosnia

Travel Stories From Non-Touristy European Adventures

Travel to a non-touristy region of Europe can be exciting. You can be the one who discovers a hidden gem. Then you can write about it like Rick Steves did with the Cinque Terre, and see tourists flock there and ruin it. The more likely result is finding a place that is at best ordinary. In the [...]
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street art in lviv, ukraine

10 Unique Things To Do In Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv has been a target destination of mine for years. Travel to Ukraine has sometimes been difficult due to the recent conflict with Russia. I finally jumped at the chance of visiting my 42nd country in Europe, and was glad I did. Lviv exceeded all my expectations and is a European hidden gem. This is [...]
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24 Hours In Irpinia – Italian Wine Country

"Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai" ...or in English, 'age and glasses of wine should never be counted.' This speaks to the philosophy of life for many Italians. Enjoy life, minimize the stresses of work, and focus on the company of good friends and great wine. I may never again live so [...]
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8 Things To Do In Malta Over A Long Weekend

Malta is a tiny country, but don't let the size fool you. I often hear the assumption that it's simply an island for beach lovers. Not true. Over the years societies have blended together here to make something really unique. Yes, the beaches are great and the water pristine, but the history adds a novel [...]
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12 Traveler Personalities – Which Are You?

Most of my excursions have been solo travel, but over the years I've had the privilege of wandering with some great people. Different people mean different personalities, and some are compatible, others not. I've listed the various personalities I've dealt with. These categories aren't mutually exclusive, as one can relate with many. So...where do you [...]
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11 Cities In Europe You Can Skip

I wrote a blog that will piss some people off, but honesty is the best policy when it comes to travel advice. I've listed cities that, if I won a free trip to, I would probably still visit while hiding my disdain. I live in Europe and love it here, so I would literally travel [...]
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12 European Trip Ideas – One For Each Month

Timing is everything. People often ask the question, when should you go somewhere? Travel books tell you the 'must-see' time for every European city is anytime between May and September. The truth is, not everyone gets to travel those months. People visit Europe during off-peak times for many reasons...e.g. job, school, family situation, etc. I've [...]
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6 Cheap AND Nice Cities In Europe

I've been posting a lot on Quora lately, the social media forum that acts as a question/answer repository for any topic you can think of. Frequently, prospective travelers are trying to save money, particularly in expensive regions like Europe. I thought I'd address this by suggesting value cities that meet two key criteria - cheap [...]
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9 Reasons To Live In An Italian Village

“There you'll find the place I love most in the world. The place where I grew thin from dreaming. My village, rising from the plain. Shaded with trees and leaves like a piggy bank filled with memories. You'll see why a person would want to live there forever. Dawn, morning, mid-day, night: all the same, [...]
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5 Off-Beat Attractions In Rome

When you think of Rome, you think ruins and religion. Most visitors stick to the standard list of attractions on their first trip to Rome, but what about the second or third? People can remain on the beaten path, and risk the typical sights losing their shine. If you experience certain symptoms - e.g. cursing [...]
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