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caserta royal palace in italy

Caserta Royal Palace in Italy – A Photo Essay

How is the Caserta Royal Palace not more known? Are you looking for a Disney experience? I found a palace in Italy, south of Rome, that's worthy of animation. It doesn't have a talking teapot, but it does make you imagine life as a prince or princess. If I were a beast or hunchback I'd [...]
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things to do in sevilla, spain

12 Things You MUST Do In Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla is an epic memory for me...no surprise when you peek at my list of favorite European cities. This isn't the first recommendation you hear when researching a trip to Spain, as there are more popular regions with wildly different vibes. Sevilla feels nothing like Barcelona or Madrid, and I fell in love with the [...]
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ravenna, italy - great day trip from bologna

5 Amazing Day Trips From Bologna, Italy

Bologna is one of the most underrated destinations in Italy. The characteristic red brick buildings give it a unique look relative to other Italian cities, and their internationally famous cuisine makes it a gastronomical capital. If you're wondering why everyone looks so young here, look no further than the University of Bologna. Founded in the [...]
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favorite and best cities in europe - lisbon, portugal

My 10 Favorite Cities In Europe (for now)

Finding my favorite cities in Europe took nearly five years of living there. With so many to choose from, how does one even define the best cities in Europe? The criteria I used was - would I fight to come back? If my job had a trip opportunity to a certain European city, how hard [...]
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things to do in gdansk, poland

7 Things To Do In Gdansk, Poland Over A Weekend

Poland is an impressive country, and Gdansk is its star city (sorry, Krakow). The Polish people survived the Nazi occupation and then the Soviets. Stalin liked the Poles least so he treated them the worst. Despite the bad history, when traversing Central and Eastern Europe you'd be hard pressed to find a more optimistic country [...]
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hidden gems of europe - monterosso, italy

Hidden Gems In Europe

Every travel blogger has their hidden gems. These locations might be off the tourist radar, lost within a country that already has more famous cities, or lacking in easy public transport options. Whatever the reason, these hidden gems should be considered together with more popular options. Explore and discover these 16 European destinations. "Twenty years [...]
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street art in lisbon, portugal

21 Examples of Amazing European Street Art

Street art tells a story Street art speaks to politics, passion and personality. It can be raw or incredibly detailed, and often captures the character of the city or town where it resides.  Back in college I had a roommate who was a graffiti artist, so I fell in love with this style early on. When [...]
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12 Traveler Personalities – Which Are You?

Most of my excursions have been solo travel, but over the years I've had the privilege of wandering with some great people. Different people mean different personalities, and some are compatible, others not. I've listed the various personalities I've dealt with. These categories aren't mutually exclusive, as one can relate with many. So...where do you [...]
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11 Cities In Europe You Can Skip

I wrote a blog that will piss some people off, but honesty is the best policy when it comes to travel advice. I've listed cities that, if I won a free trip to, I would probably still visit while hiding my disdain. I live in Europe and love it here, so I would literally travel [...]
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small towns in europe - husavik, iceland

12 Charming Small Towns In Europe You Must Visit

My Fascination with Small Towns Small towns fascinate me. I once dreamed of writing a book about small towns in the US, documenting things like local legends, quirks, stories from the neighborhood pub, and personal drama of the townspeople. Oftentimes visiting a big city is so overwhelming. I like the idea of getting to know [...]
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worst solo travel europe - santorini, greece

8 Worst Places In Europe For Solo Travel

Solo travel began as a thought I had just moved to Europe and was living alone, thinking of how to spend my time. My work colleagues lacked interest in travel, citing family commitments or job obsession. Making friends had become harder with age, so I decided to forego travel partners and go it alone.   Solo [...]
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12 Unique Museums In Europe You Should Visit

Museums aren't typically at the top of my must see list. I make an exception, however, for something unique and different. Every European city has their archaeological and ethnographic museums, but not all histories are as exciting as Rome. I list here my favorite European museums that have a novel twist. An unforgettable 'thing' that [...]
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