21 Examples of Amazing European Street Art

4 Oct,2018 By Jagabond

Street art tells a story

Street art speaks to politics, passion and personality. It can be raw or incredibly detailed, and often captures the character of the city or town where it resides.  Back in college I had a roommate who was a graffiti artist, so I fell in love with this style early on. When I started traveling Europe I admired street art at train stations, gritty back alleys and otherwise ordinary city blocks. Whereas many tourists flock to art museums, I prefer the outdoor medium.

I was inspired by a fellow travel blogger, who posted some great street art from Miami. I’ve identified what I consider to be the finest examples of European street art that I was lucky to see for myself. Here they are, in no particular order.

My favorite street art in Europe

1. Salerno, Italy – I like both cats and mermaids, so no surprise this piece caught my eye. It sat hidden on a side street that I happened to wander upon…who doesn’t love chance encounters?

street art in salerno, italy

2. Madrid, Spain – I talked my friends into walking down a shady alley during the daytime to photograph this piece. The twin damsels were memorable, as were the pleasing shades of blue and orange.

street art in madrid, spain

3. Lisbon, Portugal – What might this represent? A statement on relationships? A glimpse of a possible future? Regardless of the artist’s intent, the pairing of a socialite woman with a robot was intriguing.

street art in lisbon, portugal

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands – I like the contrast here. Progressive woman with wild makeup and flashy breasts placed next to a more conservative, demure type.

street art in amsterdam, netherlands

5. Ghent, Belgium – There is a street in Ghent that is loaded with graffiti art. I’m a comic book fan, so these supermen grabbed my attention. Are they both evil or just the Russian one?

street art in ghent, belgium

6. Basel, Switzerland – There is beauty in simplicity, as is the case of this skate park in Basel, right outside my YMCA hostel. No risk, no fun…words to live by!

street art in basel, switzerland

7. Naxos, Greece – While touring Greek towns I stumbled upon this gem. Blue and white is a common color theme on these islands, and the coupling with the door is genius.

street art in naxos, greece

8. Porto, Portugal – Sometimes there is no reason. I’m not sure who this is, or what it represents…but I liked it.

street art in porto, portugal

9. Keflavik, Iceland – When I think of Iceland, my mind conjures up images of volcanoes, waterfalls, puffins and…street art? In a country more known for nature, this cool sci-fi piece was unexpected.

street art in keflavik, iceland

10. Krakow, Poland – Our tour guide described this mural as the pope speaking to the masses. Judging by the ‘never follow’ statement it appears the artist wasn’t a fan of the Catholic Church. The famous John Paul II was from nearby Krakow, so strong opinions on both sides are likely common here.

street art in krakow, poland

11. Sant’Agata de Goti, Italy – Do you prefer white or red? This beautiful creation links the two different wine lovers. The romantic vibe is striking.

street art in sant'agata de goti

12. Tartu, Estonia – A cartoonish red dragon? Visiting Estonia during the icy winter makes you dream of a dragon’s fiery breath.

street art in tartu, estonia

13. Barcelona, Spain – Full disclosure…this isn’t technically in the street, but inside a cool dive bar called ‘Nevermind‘ that has a wild style theme. Nothing says romance like Chewbacca holding roses and a six pack of beer.

street art in barcelona, spain

14. Berlin, Germany – I remember having a bad day in Berlin when I came across this…all the happy hearts seemed to brighten my mood!

street art in berlin, germany

15. Lviv, Ukraine – This city is the next big thing in Europe, I predict. The youth culture is strong here, with unique street art, craft beer and hip themed restaurants and pubs.

street art in lviv, ukraine

16. Riga, Latvia – I turned the corner down a lonely side street and was welcomed by Romeo and Juliet.

street art in riga, latvia

17. Prague, Czech Republic – The ‘Lennon Wall’ contains quotes from the famous Beatle together with street art that’s constantly being updated. When I was there they had a section dedicated to the victims of the Boston marathon bombing.

street art in prague, czech republic

18. Azores, Portugal – The port of Horta on Faial Island is home to murals done by transient sailors. Spend an hour walking around and see the marks of those who came before you.

street art in azores, portugal

19. Thessaloniki, Greece – I crashed a wedding and saw this artwork adjacent to the church. Hopefully this isn’t a harbinger of what the new husband can expect!

street art in thessaloniki, greece

20. Tirana, Albania – A lovely statement on love…holding one’s heart in your hands.

street art in tirana, albania

21. Quadrelle, Italy – I see this every day on my drive home from work. This is a shout out to those small town artists who never made it to a big city.

street art in quadrelle, italy

List of European street art festivals

Mark your calendars now!

  • Meeting of Styles – London, UK in June
  • Upfest – Bristol, UK in July
  • BLOOP – Ibiza, Spain in August
  • iBug – Chemnitz, Germany in August
  • Nuart Festival – Stavanger, Norway in September
  • Tizarte – Antwerp, Belgium in September


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