What’s a Jagabond? Truthfully, it’s a made-up word…loosely derived from the Maltese word for ‘travel’ and the French word for ‘wanderer’. I consider a ‘Jagabond’ to be one who bums around Europe for an extended period of time…which I was lucky enough to do for around 30 months. This site is meant to celebrate the majesty and awesomeness of Europe, through my past, present and future experiences.

I was given a gift when I found work in Belgium…and the adventure began. Travel opportunities for both work and leisure were plentiful, and I took full advantage…often obsessing about seeing as many places as possible. My obsession paid off, as I was able to see over 40 countries and 100 cities. I blogged the whole way, using a great service called Travelpod. This previous blog is on this site in its entirety. I left it largely unchanged, with the exception of some minor edits, partly so I remembered my journey as a writer and photographer. Any destination dated before August 2015 is my ‘old’ blog, and if they read like a diary entry it’s because my audience was family and friends. When my journey finally ended, I decided to keep going, so I transferred my blog to this website and came up with a plan on how to continue life as a Jagabond while living in North America.

That plan didn’t last long. After a little over a year living in San Diego, I received word that I was being transferred back to Europe. I’m now living and working near Naples, Italy where I will spend the next few years continuing on my European adventure.