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I don’t want you to think I’m just a guy wearing bright shorts and bad socks! My name is Andrew MacGregor, nice to meet you. So let’s get to the big question…why am I here? What’s this travel blog all about?

Mission – To share stories and advice from adventures in Europe with the goal of helping others visualize and plan their own travels.

Vision – To grow Jagabond as an online presence where the shared contributions and experiences of myself and my readers develop into a virtual travel community.

What’s a Jagabond?
I made up this word back in 2015. Looking for a word mashup of two European languages, I settled on the Maltese word for travel (Ivvjaggar) and the French word for wanderer (Vagabond). Just like that, Jagabond was born.

The Jagabond story
1975-1992: I was born, grew up with a cool brother and great parents, and bled the black and gold of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I realized at a young age I had a stuttering problem that ranged any day from mild to bad, which handcuffed the extrovert inside of me.

1993-1999: I graduated high school and was taught the bass guitar by my brother. We played together in bands for years before I went on my own path, moving to the city. I graduated college, got my first real job, and took my first flight on a business trip to Milwaukee.

2000-2005: I moved to New Orleans for graduate school and also decided to join the U.S. Navy. I reported for my first job in San Diego dreaming of sunny days and happy hours at the beach, then 9/11 happened and changed the world dynamics. I spent seven eventful months in Iraq.

2006-2011: I got married, graduated with my doctorate in epidemiology, and spent a year living on the tiny island of Bahrain. I found my dream job doing medical research in San Diego. I developed a hobby of running, routinely doing over thirty miles per week.

2012-2015: Speaking of running, I continued, but not in the physical sense. I was sent to Belgium for work at a time of discontent in my marriage…so I ran. I traveled Europe for years and learned that if you are running from your problems, travel is a great way to do it. When I transferred back to San Diego I realized I wasn’t done running and I wanted more.

My last few years: A phone call changed my life direction, as I was asked to move to Naples, Italy for work. My divorce finalized, but I also became engaged to the love of my life. I am no longer running, I am standing in place, smiling, and embracing my life and future. I currently live in Quadrelle, a tiny village in the Avellino Province near Naples.

What inspires me?
I think of Hans Christian Andersen, famous son of Odense, Denmark. Mostly known as a writer of children stories, he also penned many travelogues. He was one of the first travelers to inspire me, particularly a famous quote of his.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float
To gain all while you give
To roam the roads of lands remote
To travel is to live.”

Why should you come back to Jagabond?
You’re reading this now, so that’s a start…but why should you come back here? Bottom line is, I can help. How you ask?

  • I know Europe well. Of the 51 countries I’ve visited in my life, 42 have been in Europe.
  • For many of these countries I’m not just dipping my toe in to test the water. I’ve been to nearly 200 cities & towns in Europe, from the biggest metropolis to the self-proclaimed smallest town in the world.
  • My travel crosses many genres. A majority of my travel has been solo, so I know the pitfalls and tricks of the trade. I spent one year as a budget traveler staying in hostels, and I’ve also graced five star hotels.

I hope to see you return. Until then, I wish you peace, love and happy travels!