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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shutter Love Sunday – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina   Jul 31, 2016    By

Although not blessed with the long coastline of neighboring Croatia, Mostar is not without its beauty. It boasts a unique-looking bridge, the Stari Most, the streets of old town that take you back in time, and sunsets like the one below…I loved capturing the mosque silhouette in the background. I’ve really been into sunsets lately, […]


Mostar – Nice bridge…and…nice bridge!

Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina   Apr 14, 2015    By

When crossing over the border from Croatia into Bosnia, the differences seem subtle at first. Bosnia shares a bit of the coastline with Croatia, so it almost looks like the same country. Once the coastline disappears however, so do the similarities. I don’t know much about the war that happened here in the 90s, but […]