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Hanging with the Swiss: Part II – Zurich

Switzerland Switzerland   Feb 20, 2014    By

I really surprised myself with how much I wrote about Basel…and I’m going to equally surprise myself with how little I’ll write about Zurich. In fairness, I was having such a good time in Basel that I arrived late afternoon to Zurich, thus most of the attractions were closed by that time. Knowing I was […]


Hanging with the Swiss: Part I – Basel

Switzerland Basel, Switzerland   Feb 17, 2014    By

After the stress of the last trip in Albania, I needed a breather…a nice, relaxing, uneventful trip…so I headed to Switzerland. I started in Basel, due to a very cheap round-trip flight ($50) from Brussels. I got there in the early evening, and checked into the YMCA hostel…I know, let the jokes begin. The hostel […]