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Halloumi Cheese and Medieval Rhodes

Greece Rhodes, Greece   Nov 25, 2016    By

Halloumi cheese is the BEST cheese in the world. I first had it while I was living in Bahrain, and eventually ended up ordering it a few times a week there from a nearby restaurant. The cheese is usually grilled and spiced before serving, and what’s most noticeable is the texture. If you didn’t know […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Thessaloniki, Greece

 Thessaloniki, Greece,photography   Jun 26, 2016    By

Thessaloniki is definitely an underrated city, and I previously listed it as one of the top hidden gems of Europe. This grand statue is of Alexander the Great, famous son of the region, though the nearby country of Macedonia also claims him. This has helped perpetuate quite the feud, with Greece even blocking Macedonia’s entrance into NATO […]


The Volcano God of Santorini!

Greece Santorini, Greece   Jun 17, 2015    By

I can honestly say I’ve never been on a volcano, though it’s never been high on my bucket list. Enter Santorini…a beautiful Greek Island known for unique beaches, a vibrant sun, and Sandra Bullock-esque romance. Oh, yeah, and it’s built on an active volcano! The volcano tour was the highlight, so I’ll start with the […]


Thessaloniki the Great!

Greece Thessaloniki, Greece   May 11, 2014    By

After my so-so trip to Prague I needed an experience like this to get my travel blood pumping again. Thessaloniki was an easy city to pick, since budget airlines fly there relatively cheap. I went in with no expectations, and was blown away with the beauty of the city and its people. It’s hard to […]