Santorini Is The Honeymoon Greek Island (8 Things To Do)

8 Nov,2018 By Jagabond

The Greek gods were smiling on the day Santorini was born. Whereas other European coastal destinations can underwhelm, the majesty of Santorini strikes you immediately.  The island also highlights the delicate balance between humans and nature, with volcanic eruptions both crafting and deconstructing Santorini over time.

Santorini attracts happy couples. Lovers and newlyweds visit for a relaxing, romantic escape and I was no different. This was part one of my honeymoon, so I had a model for many of the pictures shown below. Most time here is spent sleeping in, bumming around and exploring passions of the heart. For those looking for a bit more, I now list the best things to do in Santorini.


Things to do in Santorini

1. Unwind in the water

Dipping into the warm and salty waters of the Aegean Sea is a can’t miss experience. A multitude of different boat tour options can be found here. Many offer day packages that include hotel pickup, 3-5 separate locations for swimming and lunch. Book one that includes the unique sulfur pool, which will make your skin smooth and yellow.

things to do in santorini, greece

2. Volcano tour

Boats leave routinely from the main port of Fira and whisk you out to the nearby volcano. A guide will brief you on the basics of geothermic activity, and you can even feel the hot air escaping from the many cracks in the ground. The terrain seems like walking on the moon, and many of the views are stellar.

things to do in santorini, greece

3. Colorful beaches

Thanks to volcanoes the beaches of Santorini offer several color options. Enjoy a fiery coastal experience at the red beach, or introspect on the black sands of Perissa and Kamari. Be mindful of warnings as sometimes the rocky path leading to the red beach can be unstable.

things to do in santorini, greece

things to do in santorini, greece

4. Akrotiri ruins

The story of this town is similar to Italy’s Pompeii and Herculaneum. This ancient civilization was completely wiped out by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The ruins give you a stunning glimpse into a forgotten time.

things to do in santorini, greece

5. Admire the sunset

Locals warn tourists about the Oia sunsets and the swarming mobs that often spoil the experience. Truthfully the sunset is beautiful from anywhere on the island. Find a quiet place with your significant other where you can enjoy it in peace. The sunset backdrop makes for some amazing picture opportunities.

things to do in santorini, greece

things to do in santorini, greece

6. Shop in Fira and Oia

You may envision junk souvenir shops here, but surprisingly there are many options for quality and cost efficient shopping. Fira offers the most affordable deals, particularly on jewelry, and Oia is the place for more higher end stuff. Oia also boasts one of the most incredible bookstores I’ve seen in Europe.

things to do in santorini, greece

things to do in santorini, greece

7. Fill up on food

I love Greek cuisine for the generous portions and variety. Both meat lovers and vegetarians can indulge here, and cheese fans will go crazy for Feta and Halloumi. From Greek salads to stuffed grape leaves and gyros, you will gain weight with a grin.

things to do in santorini, greece

8. Santorini blonde

The island is more known for its wine, and the Greek lager Mythos makes one think that Greece settles for ordinary beer. That was until the craft beer craze found its way to Santorini. Volkan is a unique brew produced primarily from ingredients found on the island. Their blonde beer was excellent with hints of citrus and honey.

things to do in santorini, greece


When to visit Santorini

Cruise ships frequent Santorini during the summer months, making June through August terribly overrun. Choosing May or September for your trip will minimize crowds while still allowing for lovely weather.


Where to stay in Santorini

The town of Firostefani sits midway between Fira and Imerovigli, all linked by a walkable path. You will find a vast number of highly rated restaurants in this area, and Fira is the transport hub connecting buses to all other towns on the island.


Getting to Santorini

The Italian airline Volotea flies cheap, seasonal flights from multiple airports in Italy. Budget options for direct flights are available from other European countries as well. Check for more details.

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