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small towns in europe - husavik, iceland

12 Charming Small Towns In Europe You Must Visit

 Austria,Belgium,best of europe,Croatia,destinations,eurotrip,France,Greece,Iceland,Italy,Slovenia,Spain,Travel Advice   Jul 14, 2016   By

My Fascination with Small Towns Small towns fascinate me. I once dreamed of writing a book about small towns in the US, documenting things like [...]


gdansk, poland - cheap city in europe

7 Cheap Cities In Europe For Budget Travel

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Cheap, nice or both? People are looking for cheap holidays. I’ve been posting a lot on Quora, the social media forum that acts as a [...]


5 ‘Best In Show’ Winners – Dogs Of Europe

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“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.” – Robert Louis Stevenson I [...]


Euro 2016 – The Elite Eight!

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Euro 2016 is in the home stretch! I remember I was a huge sports nut as a kid. In 6th grade one of our assignments [...]


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Hidden Gems of Europe

 best of europe,destinations,eurotrip,Italy,Travel Advice   Mar 8, 2016   By

So what makes a ‘hidden gem’? I figure it’s a location off the radar from people’s tourist lists, maybe a city in a country that [...]


venice italy gondola canal

My 10 Favorite Cities in Europe (for now)

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What blog doesn’t have a “best of” list? I’ve split this up into more ‘known’ cities first, then my favorite ‘hidden gems‘. Just a reminder [...]