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Shutter Love Sunday – Iceland

 Iceland,photography,wanderlust   Dec 4, 2016    By

It was announced recently that Pittsburgh was getting direct flights to Iceland starting in 2017. For the outdoorsy type or for those wanting something unique, there is no better trip than Iceland. You can see active volcanoes and glaciers in the same day…it truly is the land of fire and ice. Drive the 828 mile ring road […]


Iceland – Chasing Waterfalls!

Iceland Skogar, Iceland   Sep 3, 2016    By

Waking up to Gullfoss was amazing, and we had already planned to chase a couple more waterfalls our second day. Before leaving we decided on breakfast – this is one of the many advantages of a camper, as cooking your own food saves lots of money especially with the prices in Iceland. Dieter was the […]


Moving Pictures – Myvatn, Iceland

 Myvatn, destinations,Iceland   Aug 2, 2016    By

There is so much to see in Iceland – waterfalls, volcanoes, puffins, horses, geysers…the list goes on. In an area near Lake Myvatn, my friends and I traversed down to a cave where the ‘hot springs’ were too hot…over 40 degrees Celsius so the government shut it down for bathing a few years back. It […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Bifrost, Iceland

 Bifrost, Iceland,photography   Jul 10, 2016    By

In Norse mythology, ‘Bifrost’ refers to a burning rainbow bridge that connects the mortal world with Asgard, the realm of the gods. Sounds beautiful…much like the sunset I witnessed in the town of Bifrost, located in Western Iceland right on the ring road drive. I thought it was gorgeous in an apocalyptic sort of way, […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Bifrost, Iceland

 Bifrost, Iceland,wanderlust   Apr 3, 2016    By

This is probably my favorite picture I’ve ever taken, and it comes from a rural area just outside of Bifrost, Iceland. During a mind-blowing road trip across the country, we stumbled upon some Icelandic horses relaxing under a rainbow. Iceland has glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers, beautiful sunsets, cute puffins, and much more. I strongly recommend […]


Iceland – Terminus

Iceland Keflavík, Iceland   Jul 9, 2015    By

Our Iceland adventure was coming to a close…the end of the road…and time to clean the camper! We emptied the chemical toilet one last time, and spent the next 90 minutes hosing down the outside, vacuuming the inside, washing the dishes, etc…it’s amazing how dirty a camper can get after one week and over 1000 […]


Iceland – The beauty of bubbling mud

Iceland Myvatn, Iceland   Jul 9, 2015    By

We awoke next to Lake Myvatn and, after a very nice breakfast buffet at the only nearby hotel, were off for a busy morning of sightseeing. You could smell the mud pot fields from a mile away…literally. I remember I stayed at a cheap hotel in Italy once, and the water from the faucet smelled […]