things to do in sevilla, spain

12 Things You MUST Do In Sevilla, Spain

 Andalusia, Córdoba, Seville, Spain   Jul 5, 2019   By

Sevilla is an epic memory for me…no surprise when you peek at my list of favorite European cities. This isn’t the first recommendation you hear [...]


favorite and best cities in europe - lisbon, portugal

My 10 Favorite Cities In Europe (for now)

 best of europe, destinations, Italy, Spain, top cities, Travel Advice   Jan 4, 2019   By

Finding my favorite cities in Europe took nearly five years of living there. With so many to choose from, how does one even define the [...]


small towns in europe - husavik, iceland

12 Charming Small Towns In Europe You Must Visit

 Austria, Belgium, best of europe, Croatia, destinations, eurotrip, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Travel Advice   Jul 14, 2016   By

My Fascination with Small Towns Small towns fascinate me. I once dreamed of writing a book about small towns in the US, documenting things like [...]


madrid on spain road trip

Road Trip Europe – Madrid And Northern Spain

 road trip, Spain, Travel Advice   Jun 28, 2018   By

I admire Spain for its regional diversity. I loved both Barcelona and Sevilla, but the two cities were clearly very different. While researching for my [...]


Barcelona, Spain – Videos From ‘The City For Everyone’

 Barcelona, Spain   Jul 9, 2017   By

“One of the great Catalan poets, Joan Maragall, wrote this famous poem in which he called Barcelona the great enchantress, or some kind of sorceress, [...]