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My 10 Favorite Cities in Europe (for now)

 best of europe,destinations,top cities   Feb 25, 2017    By

What blog doesn’t have a “best of” list? I’ve split this up into more ‘known’ cities first, and then next week I will reveal my favorite ‘hidden gems‘. Just a reminder – this is a baseline assessment from my previous travels…with luck I still have many more European trips left to go, so the list […]


Segovia – The Power of Three

 destinations,Spain,top cities   May 12, 2016    By

Why did I love Segovia? Maybe it’s as simple as the number ‘3’. I’m practically OCD with this number…three days running each week, three days diet, three days the Subway breakfast sandwich, three days Thai food…I could go on. Segovia is the perfect day trip, as you can see three amazing sights all within a […]


Getting Medieval in Santillana Del Mar

 Spain,top cities,wanderlust   Apr 28, 2016    By

I’ve never quite seen a medieval village like this. Last weekend I saw a movie, ‘The Huntsman – Winter’s War’, and there was a scene where the main character, flanked by two dwarves, entered a medieval pub. After being served three drafts in wooden mugs from a standing barrel of some malt beverage, they proceeded […]