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Shutter Love Sunday – Gozo Island, Malta

 Victoria, Malta,photography   Mar 12, 2017    By

The Azure Window, a famous rock formation loved by cliff divers and admired by tourists, is gone. Gozo’s famed attraction collapsed during massive storms last week, and this natural beauty was reclaimed by the sea. I remember this being one of the main reasons I took the ferry over from Malta, so I can’t help […]


Moving Pictures – Marsalforn, Gozo

 Victoria, destinations,Malta   May 5, 2016    By

I’m not one to keep abreast of current music trends…95% of what I listen to is pre-2000. When I hear a more recent song that I really like, it’s a rare event and I remember it. Such was the case as I was walking the coast one night in Marsalforn, Gozo, and heard a live […]



Malta Victoria, Malta   Sep 6, 2014    By

I took a side trip in Malta, spending two nights on the sister island, Gozo. Widely known to be more laid-back and ‘sleepy’, it lived up to its reputation. It was a nice break, however, and I appreciated the contrast compared to the more lively Malta. Getting there wasn’t hard, but it seemed to take […]


Malta – Island Fever!

Malta Malta, Malta   Aug 31, 2014    By

This was a different trip. A few months back I found some reasonably priced flights to Malta. I never knew much about Malta…nothing, actually, but after reading some things it seemed like a pretty interesting place. I thought it would be a nice closing trip for the summer. I would definitely call Malta one of […]