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11 Things To Love About The Istrian Coast

 Croatia,road trip   Aug 18, 2017    By

I recently wrote about the hill towns of the Istrian Peninsula. That is the inland experience, but the coast has a different feel altogether. What struck me was how clean and pristine everything was, reminding me of posh resort towns in California frequented by Hollywood actors and executives. Flowers in bloom lined the streets, and […]


How To Explore The Hill Towns Of Istria

 Croatia,destinations   Aug 4, 2017    By

The alternate title for this blog is “I found my thrill, on an Istria hill.” What is it about hilltop towns that instantly make people like them? Could you put Detroit on a hilltop and have people call it ‘enchanting’? Maybe these towns inhabit an area of our mind that is obsessed with fantasy and […]


Moving Pictures – Rovinj, Croatia

 Croatia,destinations   Jul 28, 2017    By

Rovinj is one of those amazing seaside towns. A place for relaxation, introspection…and indulgence. So many fish in the sea, and thus so many to eat! De-boning a fish is described in this article on HuffingtonPost – “Then, using his spoon, he works his way down the middle of the fish, splitting the fillets in […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Istria, Croatia

 Croatia,destinations   Jun 11, 2017    By

Unexpected meetings can add an injection of excitement to any travel experience. Such was the case while recently road tripping through Istria, a beautiful region of Croatia often overshadowed by the more touristy Dubrovnik. We encountered a group of Austrian bicyclists, and took a moment to admire the countryside together. Austria and Croatia, two of […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Omis, Croatia

 Croatia,photography   Apr 9, 2017    By

I must be excited about my upcoming Croatia trip if I’m going through pictures from two years ago. Around Easter 2015 we did a road trip along the Dalmatian coast from Dubrovnik to Zadar. I took this picture at a beach in Omis, as proof that even the dogs are friendly in Croatia. In May […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Croatia

 Croatia,photography   Nov 20, 2016    By

Starting in Dubrovnik, the drive up the Dalmatian Coast through Split is wonderfully scenic. As my friend was driving us towards the Bosnian border we came upon this stunning landscape. Play a game of ‘count the colors’ if you have time on your hands. Every hue seems to blend together as if they were meant […]


Croatia – The Dalmatian Way!

Croatia Split, Croatia   Jun 20, 2016    By

I ‘split’ this blog entry into two parts. One for the city of Split, where we spent the most time, and another for the drive to and from Split, which was beautiful in its own right. The city: Split is the capital of Dalmatia, so easily the busiest city I’ve seen in Croatia. Parking seemed […]