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Moving Pictures – Belgrade, Serbia

 Belgrade, Serbia   Mar 19, 2017    By

I was in Belgrade a couple summers ago, and managed to catch two videos of this street celebration. I thought the sax player did a great job keeping his cool with the crazy crowd all around him. Things got a bit sloppier when a small group of locals decided to jump in the nearby fountain and […]


Belgrade – After the Floods

Serbia Belgrade, Serbia   May 2, 2016    By

I went on a work trip to Serbia. I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen since the region had their worst flooding in 300 years. We found out a few weeks before that all systems were go, so off I was to Belgrade! Over the course of my time here I was struck […]


King Peter and St. George

Serbia Topola, Serbia   Jul 2, 2014    By

I took a day trip from Belgrade to another region in Central Serbia called Topola. This area is known for its vineyards, and also for what sits on top of the hill – St. George’s Church and the former home of King Peter. Upon arrival, I started with an outstanding Serbian lunch, with a great […]


Detour to Kosovo

Serbia Prizren, Serbia   Jan 30, 2014    By

We happily left Tirana in the morning and made a 3-hour drive to Prizren, Kosovo. Right as we pulled into the city it was clear this had more of a European feel to it…and it was a really nice city. Now it’s unfair to compare it to Tirana, because Tirana is a capital city. However […]


Camp Film City

Serbia Kosovo, Serbia   Mar 4, 2013    By

Finally, a chance to explore outside of Belgium! I never really knew that much about Kosovo, so I thought this trip would be interesting. My flight was leaving at 0700 from Brussels, so I decided to stay the night in a hotel near the airport. The hotel was very cheap, and I found out why […]