small towns in europe - husavik, iceland

12 Charming Small Towns In Europe You Must Visit

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My Fascination with Small Towns Small towns fascinate me. I once dreamed of writing a book about small towns in the US, documenting things like [...]


12 Unique Museums In Europe You Should Visit

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Museums aren’t typically at the top of my must see list. I make an exception, however, for something unique and different. Every European city has [...]


slovenia road trip - lake bled

Road Trip Europe – Solo Travel Through Slovenia

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Slovenia…even typing the word brings back amazing memories. This is the capital of comfort for me. Drop me into Slovenia anytime with a rental car and [...]


Futsal – Super Bowl Sunday In Slovenia

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This past weekend was Super Bowl Sunday. Americans celebrate this tradition by putting the New Year’s diet on hold, while washing down thousands of bad [...]


24 Hours On The Slovenian Coast

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“Too soon the fruits of knowledge did I eat! Where dripped their poison, faded all delight I saw how honesty and truth could meet Among [...]


Moving Pictures – Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Dancing is definitely a thing in Slovenia. This video shows an example of kolo, a type of folk dance characterized by a collective of people [...]