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24 Hours On The Slovenian Coast

 destinations,Slovenia   Jun 16, 2017    By

“Too soon the fruits of knowledge did I eat! Where dripped their poison, faded all delight I saw how honesty and truth could meet Among the human kind with scorn and spite. I sought true love – an empty dream and fleet, Which disappeared as dawn broke into light! And wisdom, justice and the learned […]


Moving Pictures – Ljubljana, Slovenia

 Ljubljana, Slovenia   Feb 11, 2017    By

Dancing is definitely a thing in Slovenia. This video shows an example of kolo, a type of folk dance characterized by a collective of people dancing mostly in a circle. I’m not sure if this was a group dance lesson or not, as everyone seems to be pretty good at what appears to be some […]


Shutter Love Sunday – Maribor, Slovenia

 Maribor, photography,Slovenia   Jul 3, 2016    By

Shown below is the oldest wine-producing vine in the world at over 400 years old, recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. These elderly Zametovka grapes are only used in special circumstances, with wine bottles given as gifts for heads of state (e.g. Bill Clinton), high-level religious leaders (e.g. the pope), and famous people with […]


Maribor…or Mari-bore?

Slovenia Maribor, Slovenia   Apr 21, 2015    By

The title is harsh, albeit catchy. Maribor probably just suffers from being unfairly compared to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and, in my opinion, the much better city. Sometimes the ‘second city’ surprises you. I remember excitedly talking about Bruges before I came out to Europe, and a woman I met at an Italian restaurant […]


Slovenia: Birthday Trip Part I

Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia   Nov 7, 2013    By

Slovenia is a unique choice for my first stop on the birthday trip. I found a cheap flight on Wizz Air, and it made for a good starting hub to train up to Austria and Hungary so I decided to check it out for a few nights. I knew nothing about Ljubljana, or Slovenia for […]