ABBA museum in stockholm, sweden

Stockholm, Sweden – Two Museums You MUST Visit

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Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries, and the capital Stockholm is its crown jewel. With the city stretching out over fourteen islands, it [...]


12 Unique Museums In Europe You Should Visit

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Museums aren’t typically at the top of my must see list. I make an exception, however, for something unique and different. Every European city has [...]


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Visiting The Norton Simon Museum In Pasadena, California

 art, California, Museum   Apr 25, 2019   By

I found myself alone and roving through Pasadena recently. It felt like reliving my years of solo travel, where I wandered anonymously through European cities [...]


Why You Should Visit The Typewriter Museum In Trani, Italy

 history, Italy, Museum   Jan 5, 2018   By

Let’s dissect the title of this blog. Yes, I did recommend you visit a typewriter museum. And yes, the site of this museum is Trani, [...]