Moving Pictures – Lille, France

14 Jun,2016 By Jagabond

This month’s video is from Lille, one of my hidden gems of Europe. Over the course of the last few years, the Tapir has become one of my favorite zoo animals, along with the Capybara. I saw a lovely Tapir being fed in Vienna, then saw a picture circulated over Facebook of some beautiful baby Tapirs. The one in this video comes from the zoo in Lille, and in this scene was oddly curious about a peacock, though there was no reciprocation. Also notable is the screaming baby in the background, who was more concerned about the situation than the peacock…or anyone else. Although Pairi Daizi, my vote for best zoo in Europe, is only 90 minutes from here, I would still come visit the Lille zoo if in the area. You can’t beat the price – it’s totally free!

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